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‘It’s a Wonderful Afterlife’ to do average business, says Ganesha

‘It’s a Wonderful Afterlife’ to do average business, says Ganesha

‘It’s a Wonderful Afterlife’, Gurinder Chadha’s attempt at making a killer romantic comedy is something everyone is looking forward to. The screenplay of the British film centers on a mother played by Shabana Azmi, whose obsession with marrying off her daughter leads her into becoming a serial killer. Filmed primarily in English, it also has some Hindi and Punjabi dialogues. Gurinder Chadha, the director, co-producer and co-writer of the film, known for making off-beat films has come up with this unusual flick, which uses satirical and ‘Ealing-style’ humour.

The film, which opened to a successful weekend at the box-office in UK, is releasing in India on 7th May 2010. Ganesha predicts the fate of this film with the help of Vedic Astrology System.

‘It’s a Wonderful Afterlife’ Release time chart
7th May 2010

Astrological observations

  • Gemini Ascendant is rising and Ascendant Lord Mercury is retrograde, placed in the 11th House.
  • Debilitated Mars is placed in the 2nd House of finances.
  • Jupiter is placed in the 10th House, in it’s own sign.
  • Venus, the significator of arts and Lord of the 5th House of performance is placed in the 12th House.
  • Sun is exalted in the 11th House of financial gains.

Astrological Predictions

  • Ganesha observes that Ascendant Lord is well placed in the 11th House along with exalted Sun. Moreover, Jupiter is in the 10th House. These points indicate a satisfactory start to this movie.
  • Second House of finances is occupied by debilitated Mars, which is not a very good position. This indicates that the movie may not do good business in India.
  • Retrograde Mercury indicates that the story-line may be very good.
  • However, Ganesha feels that this film may do much better overseas rather than in India because Venus is Swagruhi in the 12th House.
  • Lord of the 5th House is placed in the 12th House. This indicates that performance of all the actors may not be excellent, but as Venus is Swagruhi, it might be satisfactory.
  • Ganesha feels that this film may not become very popular amongst the masses, but it will surely be appreciated by those who like experimental or off-beat type of films.
  • First week business may be satisfactory and second week onwards, business may drop, feels Ganesha.
  • Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless the cast and crew of ‘It’s a wonderful afterlife’ with success.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Hitendra H Thakor,