'It's a blockbuster', says Ganesha for Sallu's 'Ready'

'Dabangg' Khan is back, and is once again, 'Ready' to entertain his
innumerable fans. 'Ready'
is a comedy flick, and our Sallu
plays a happy-go-lucky 'Prem' (once again!), who helps lovers in
distress. Going by the number of records his film 'Dabangg' broke
last year, there is no doubt about it that 'Ready' is being eagerly
awaited by his fans. And why not? Be it in 'Wanted' or 'Dabangg',
'Partner' or 'Judwaa' Salman's dialogues and dance steps have always
made a remarkable impact on the audiences' mind. In Ready, Asin plays
his lady love and although their 'London dreams' were shattered,
there are a lot of expectations from this jodi as their chemistry
was surely sizzling in the film. 'Ready', a remake of a Telugu flick
also stars Paresh Rawal, Arya Babbar and Mahesh Manjrekar, and Ajay
Devgn, Kangana Ranaut, Sanjay Dutt, Zarine Khan and Arbaaz Khan will
also be seen in cameos.

the film is slated to
release on 3rd
June, Ganesha predicts the film's fate at the box-office. Will
'Ready' go the 'Dabangg' way? Will it tickle the audience's funny
bone? Ganesha finds out with the help of Vedic astrology.


Release time chart

major territory of India


  • Ascendant
    Lord Moon is placed in the 12th

  • Venus
    the significator of film industry is placed in the 10th
    House of success with Jupiter and Swagruhi Mars

  • Sun,
    the Lord of the 2nd
    House is placed in the 11th
    House afflicted by Ketu, but Sun also becomes Anyo Anya Uchcha in
    exchange with Venus (Sun is placed in the sign ruled by Venus and
    Venus is placed in Sun's sign of exaltation, which by exchange is
    considered as Sun's exaltation)



  • As
    the 10th
    House of success is occupied by Stellium of three planets in the
    release time chart, out of which two are benefics, Ganesha feels
    that 'Ready' may receive a warm welcome at the box office.

  • The
    film is likely to be successful not only in India but overseas as
    well, as Lagna Lord Moon is placed in the 12th

  • Because
    Sun - the Lord of the 2nd
    House is in exaltation by the exchange, Ganesha feels that this film
    will surely mint money at the box office, as it has got a good scope
    and can become a great hit at the box-office.

  • Ganesha
    feels that even if this film doesn't break Dabangg's
    record, it may at least prove to be one of the blockbusters of the

wishes good luck to the cast and crew of 'Ready'.

N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team