How much of glitz and glitter in store for Bollywood in 2011? Ganesha finds out.



When it comes to the great Indian junta, two things can
be safely be titled as timeless classics – Bollywood and cricket.
These two categories that are now akin to well-established brands
have managed to capture the minds and rule the hearts of millions of
Indians, not only in India but across the world. And, not only that!
The actors and cricketers have gained so much favouritism that they
are a part of many a life. While the cricket fever is bound to have
its share of controversies and resulting crests and troughs, movie
mania has almost always managed to sustain its place in people's
hearts. A movie is till date high on agenda when it comes to the
weekend fun!

2010 has more or less proved to be quite a good year for
Bollywood, especially with two recent major hits 'Dabangg' and
'Robot'. Will this winning momentum and triumphant mood continue in
the coming year too? Let's check out how will India's biggest
entertainment industry Bollywood fare in the year 2011? What will be
the fate of some of the much touted Hindi blockbusters lined up for
release in the coming months?

Astrology can answer myriad questions related to
Bollywood's future, what with its near accurate predictions. Venus is
the prime significator of arts. Secondary significator of arts was
Neptune for many years. Silver Bromide, the chemical used to process
film or photograph during the developing process is also ruled by
Neptune. Today, the Indian film industry has gone the digital way,
and Neptune has taken a back-seat; but it (Neptune) cannot completely
be ignored, as in India till today many of the films are processed in
the traditional way. Then, the negative of the film is edited or
captured to a digital machine, and finally the print that they come
up with is shown in the cinema halls. Here, Ganesha explains
Bollywood's year ahead based on Venus and Neptune's transit.

Ganesha feels that till December 2010, Bollywood will
come up with more interesting, unique and romantic subjects along
with some action films. Box office registers will keep ringing and
shall experience a huge rush of movie-goers till the year end.

January and February can be a little sluggish with very
few good films hitting the screens, foresees Ganesha. However, again
from the first week of March 2011 till the second week of May 2011,
stars seem to be in favour of the industry, as this period may see
some of the real good movies hitting the theatres. Expensive films
made with big budgets are likely to release during this period, feels

The month of June - 2011 is going to be highly
beneficial for Bollywood. Movie buffs will have a chance to view some
intelligent cinema, with good concepts, and box office returns too
may peak, feels Ganesha.

From July to mid-August 2011, the period does not seem
promising enough. The spotlight may dim on the Hindi film industry,
as Ganesha feels that the movies that will release will be average
budget movies, and may not pick up well at the box-office.

From mid-August 2011 till the end of the year, the
glitter is likely to return to Bollywood. In 2011, Ganesha feels that
we may get an advantage of classy and entertaining cinema. Ganesha
also feels that during the year ahead, Bollywood films will throng
the international market or may become internationally acceptable and

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless the Indian film
industry with more successful and entertaining films.

Ganesha's Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team