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HOT news for property buyers of UK

With the economy of United Kingdom moving through a slow down, there must be speculations beleaguering the minds of UK citizens regarding the property prices and related stuff.

The common questions arising would be like – What are the predictions for house prices in the UK? Is this year a good year to buy? After a boom, the UK housing market has slowed to a halt in many areas, so which are these areas? How much will the average cost of house in a span of ten years?

Our astrological analysis will provide you a guideline to find answers to the above questions.

Compared to the previous year, the price has increased year by year. Residence prices have rose faster than person’s income. Considering England national chart, Scorpio Ascendant is raising. The Lord of Ascendant as well as the signifier of property Mars is placed in the eighth house. It is afflicted with natural malefic planet Ketu. This indicates that the Land and house price may increase in forthcoming days in present year. Ganesha feels that overall 2008 will be a year when price graph will be high. Also, there may be some ups and downs. However, generally price of land as well as house will be on a increase. Price rise may be slow as malefic Rahu will not affect the fourth house of property from April 30, 2008 onwards. So the conclusion is that the price of house and Land will increase but the rate of increase may slow down from 30th April onwards. Therefore, buyer should wait the end of April. There are chances of some down fall in the price. But there may not be a major down fall as Rahu’s Antardasha is running.

In February 2008 transiting Mars was in retrograde motion and it was passing through eighth house. Because of that, the UK interest rate has cut by a quarter percentage point to 5.25%. This is seen as an attempt to stop the slowdown in the UK economy – consumer spending is down and the property market has slowed. There has also been a fall in mortgage approvals. Currently fourth house of property Lord Saturn is transiting through Leo sign and is aspecting it’s own sign.

Between June 22, 2008 and August 09, 2008 transiting Mars will be in Leo sign. Transiting Mars and Saturn both will be aspecting the fifth house. This indicates that, the rate of price increase would be less. However Ganesha doesn’t foresee reducing rate at that time as malefic Rahu’s Antardasha is running. So all readers of this article are advised to use your discretion before investing in any property. You should always take independent astrological guidance before investing in property. Overall the people who want to buy property should buy, as day by day the price will increase.

From the last one and a half year natural malefic planet Rahu is transiting through Aquarius sign. It is passing through fourth house of property in London national chart; interest rates have increased 4 times in the past 9 months. This increases the cost of mortgage repayments, making it less attractive to buy. Although, the interest rate has increased only by 1 percent.

Ganesha feels that a reduced growth of economic development will lead to lower bonuses and smaller pay increases. Therefore, city workers will be less willing to spend extravagant sums on expensive housing. The economy may slow down as a consequence of rising interest rates and a slowdown in housing market.

Referring all the planetary position along with Dasha and Antardasha, Ganesha arrives to conclusion that price of house and property will increase during 2008. The period from June 22, 2008 to August 09, 2008 would not produce noticeable change in increase. Because presently malefic planet Rahu’s Pratyantardasha is on. This will rule till June 25, 2010. So people will be willing to pay higher prices and will be borrowing more. Adding to this, transiting Saturn is passing through tenth house and is aspecting the fourth house it’s own sign. Considering this, Ganesha feels that some new kinds of mortgage will be available. The price of renting will increase faster than inflation. By the starting of this year 2008 the Antardasha of Rahu has begun. And also as Rahu is transiting through fourth house of property, UK prices have increased by 171 per cent more than the past ten years and by approximately 50 to 52 per cent over the last five years. In addition, Saturn is responsible for higher price. The average UK price has risen by £120,860 during the past decade from £70,696 to £191,556. In a nut shell, day by day land and house price would increase.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team