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The ‘Dream Girl’ surely has a Horoscope that would make for a pleasant dream! 

Very rarely do multiple planets collaborate so harmoniously to bless a native with such goodness in life!
Think about sublime beauty. Think about artistic class and excellence. Think about charisma and grace that seems out of the world. Think about a woman who can dance as gracefully as a peacock dancing with full joy and exuberance in a meadow! Too much thinking and too much imagination? Undoubtedly one single person who would come to our mind within a flash in all the cases mentioned above would be Hema Malini – the Heroine who ruled over million hearts and who still continues to mesmerise people with her magnificent and splendid beauty! Such was the fame and awe that this actress once commanded, who also happens to be a trained classical dancer, that various actors, at the peak of their careers, were desperate to seek her hand for marriage, but no one proved to be as lucky as our very own Dharam Paaji, aka Dharmendra! With amazing aptitude for all things creative and with a voracious appetite for art, the ‘Dream Girl’ – who is considered to be the one born with a silver-spoon, has achieved tremendous success in her endeavours and still remains to be popular and vibrant! What do the stars speak about such an awe-striking beauty? There is surely something which acts as the fuel for such blazing success and recognition! Check out the astrological sketch of Hema Malini below…

Date of Birth :- 16th October 1948
Time of Birth :-
Place of Birth :-
Ammankudi, Tamil Nadu, India


Hema Malini was born with Cancer Ascendant and the Lord of the Ascendant Moon is placed in the 9th House in her Natal Chart. The Sign of the Ascendant and Moon Sign, both happen to be watery Signs and this indicates high level of creativity and the depth of imagination. It is to be noted that a woman with the majority number of planets in the watery signs or if the watery signs happen to be dominant, then the beauty and grace of the woman would be more refined and soft.

Moon in the 9th House makes her sensitive, graceful, inquisitive, fortunate, wealthy, and blesses her with the ability to enjoy comforts and happiness even right from her childhood! The Ascendant Lord being placed in the 9th House – the most Powerful and Potent Houses amongst the Trines is a placement which only the fortunate ones are blessed with and Hema Malini is no exception to this!

  • Venus is in the Sign of Leo in the 2nd House of her Chart, blessing her with ethereal beauty and extraordinary grace.
  • It is to be noted that Venus in the 2nd House blesses a native with a beautiful face and great aesthetic sense! And the whole world knows the exquisite brand of Hema’s beauty and her sense of art!

The conjunction of Venus with the Lord of the 7th House – Saturn augurs very well in the case of Hema and this adds to her artistic fibre and also gave her the boost to excel as an all-round artist. This also indicates skill in more than one skill. She is an expert Classical Dancer and a super-famous actress.

Mars the Lord of the 10th House is Swagruhi in the 5th House, being the Yogakaraka planet. This ensures extraordinary success and fame and also a commanding position in one’s chosen field. Indeed, as we get deeper and deeper into the Horoscope of Hema Malini, we will get more and more reasons to get wowed by the wonderful way in which the planets have paved the way for the excellence that she has achieved so far!

Yogakaraka Mars is Swagruhi which makes her energetic and spirited. Mars is in the 5th House of performance so she is an action oriented person. Keen to progress, brave and ambitious, she would always exhibit the will to accomplish tasks promptly and without much delay. It also indicates that she is highly creative.

Saturn is the Lord of the 7th House of marriage. It is conjunct with Venus in 2nd House and Jupiter (Karaka for Husband in the case of a woman) aspects the Saturn and Venus. It is generally observed that if Venus – the planet of Love and Relationships, is conjunct with an Old planet or a planet with a longer transit cycle, then such natives either enter into a relationship with people elder to them in age and/or marry such persons. This explains her marriage to someone much elder to her (Dharmendra). Moreover, the aspect of Jupiter on the 7th Lord Saturn also testifies this point.

Rahu in the 10th House indicates that if she produces any project, she may face failure. We are already aware of what happened with her film ‘Dil Aashnaa hai’. This does not snatch away from her the fact that she is extremely creative with great imagination, but this Rahu blocks her luck as a Producer.


Ganesha has already pointed out how Rahu blocks her success as a producer, but on the brighter side, the very same Rahu, being posited in the 10th House bestows upon her the ability to shine as a politician!

To back the above point, Ganesha points out that she has Sun at 29 Degrees in the 3rd House, which makes it very strong and it thus becomes the Atmakaraka of her Natal Chart and by that virtue, the Sun ensures that she gets great success in her political endeavors. The Sun also adds to her fame and popularity!

Jupiter is Swagruhi and placed in the 6th House. This makes her noble, wise, charitable, sociable and religious. She would be truthful will convey the truth in a very frank and direct manner. Jupiter is aspecting the 2nd House and also the Saturn and Venus posited therein, which emboldens them further and also blesses her with opulence and grandeur, riches and wealth!

Ganesha wishes splendid success in all her endeavours to Hema Malini.

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With Ganesha’s Grace
Kashyap Rawal
The GaneshaSpeaks Team