Madhuri-Juhi starrer Gulab Gang may not be a blockbuster, predicts Ganesha.

The crimes against women in India often go unnoticed and unreported, and many a times the issues are swept under the carpet. In such scenario rises few brave ladies who raise their voices against social injustice and discrimination. Gulab Gang, a film starring arch competitors during their heydays – Madhuri Dixit Nene and Juhi Chawla, promises to tell one such story. Based on real life incidents, Gulab Gang is a film about women who chose to rise against odds. Well, the stars suggest that the film will open on a good note, but it would be too much to expect it to break the opening-day collection records. Let’s see what else the release time chart of Gulab Gang indicates.

Madhuri-Juhi starrer Gulab Gang

What’s in store for Gulab Gang?

  • Film will face some controversies even after the release.
  • Performance will be appreciated.
  • However, film will also be criticized heavily.
  • Gulab Gang will do average business abroad.
  • Tuesday onwards, film’s business is likely to go down.
  • It seems difficult for Gulab Gang to maintain a good run at the box-office beyond two weeks.
  • The film go on to win some awards.

Check out the release time chart of Gulab Gang and astrological observations


  • Gulab Gang is releasing with Aries Ascendant.
  • Venus, the Lord of the 2nd House of Finance and 7th House of Fame, is exalted thus powerful in the Navmansha chart.
  • Jupiter, the Lord of the 12th House, is in the 3rd House and aspects the House of Fame (7th), the House of Luck (9th) and House of Gains (11th)
  • Jupiter gets debilitated due to Anyo Anya Exchange. It is placed in Mercury’s Sign and Mercury is placed in Jupiter’s Sign of debilitation. Same way, Sun is becoming Anyo Anya Neecha (debilitated due to exchange). Sun is placed in Saturn’s Sign and Saturn is placed in Sun’s Sign of debilitation.
  • Lord of the Ascendent, Mars, and the Lord of the 10th House, Saturn, are retrograde.
  • Exalted Moon is placed in the 2nd House of Finances.

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