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Govinda is surely a manifestation of the Jupiterian Joviality and Humour! 

The free-spirited actor shall prefer to spend great time with family and friends in 2016 and may go easy with new films and projects…
Govind Arun Ahuja, most popularly known as Govinda is one unique actor, who has had carved a niche for himself like never before! Very few people in the Indian Film Industry have glorified and popularised the genre of comedy and humour and have presented it in such an irresistable manner like Govinda! For many, Govinda is like a synonym for the word comedy! Having acting in over 165 films, he has enjoyed mind-blowing popularity, with people even giving the title – No. 1, as a mark of acknowledgment for the number of films he has done with the tag – No. 1! This spirited and vibrant actor with a fantastic funny bone, celebrates his birthday on December 21! So, let’s collectively wish him a wonderful birthday and find out what things destiny has packed up for him in the year till his next birthday…

Date of Birth:- 21 December, 1963
Time of Birth:- Unknown
City of Birth:- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


  • Transiting Saturn will be aspecting his Natal Venus and Saturn during the year ahead.
  • Transiting Jupiter will be aspecting his Natal Sun, Ketu, Mars and Mercury till 11th August 2016.
  • After 30th January, 2016, transiting Ketu will be in Sextile position with his Natal Sun, Ketu, Mars and Mercury. Transiting Rahu will be in trine with his Natal Sun, Ketu, Mars and Mercury.

Ganesha notes that Govinda is born with Venus and Saturn in Capricorn, which makes him a great artist.

  • It is to be noted that a well-placed Jupiter in a Chart always augurs well for a native, and blesses the person with great optimism and a jovial nature. Govinda has Jupiter placed in its own Sign Pisces. This is the reason, we have always enjoyed the trademark Govinda brand of comedy. Additionally, there is a strong Sagittarian influence present in the Chart of Govinda, as 4 planets are present therein. Due to this, he is funny, vibrant, cheerful and a great entertainer! Kudos to the spirit of the Jolly Jupiter!
  • During the year ahead, Govinda is likely to experience a slow down in his career as an actor, as significator of arts, Venus will be aspected by transiting Saturn. There will be some delays in the new projects.
  • He will be in a mood to sit back and relax rather than working for longer hours. Thus, chances of any big-ticket blockbuster coming from Govinda may be faint.
  • He will spend more time with his family members and may also travel more frequently while this period operates.
  • Ganesha feels that during the year ahead, he will have to take good care of health, specifically between April and August 2016.
  • He will be relieved of some of the tensions and worries that he may have had from long, after 30th January, 2016.
  • Limelight and Popularity Evading Chichi?

Govinda is not going to remain much in the limelight during the year ahead but he will have to avoid getting surrounded by controversies in the second half of 2016. So, all the Chichi fans out there, unfortunately your wait to see Govinda on the big screen may still continue.

On the whole, the year ahead looks a mediocre one for him. Ganesha wishes good luck to Govinda for the year ahead.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team