George and Amal shall enjoy a magical bond, but problems post August 2016 foreseen!

George and Amal shall enjoy a magical bond, but problems post August 2016 foreseen!

George Timothy Clooney is one star who has always intrigued us and struck us with awe with his trademark effortless charm, underpinned with a novel brand of nonchalance. He has famously dated some of the most gorgeous women in the world, and has a very interesting record of relationships. Being a famous actor, screenwriter, producer, director and activist, he has won a lot of recognition for his brilliant works. He has received three Golden Globe Awards and two academy awards. On April 28, 2014. Clooney got engaged to British-Lebanese human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin and this relationship has enjoyed mind-blowing attention and popularity. But now, what lies ahead for the stylish George Clooney? Will he be able to enjoy a stable relationship with the amazingly beautiful Amal? Let’s find out!

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George Clooney
Date of Birth: 06th May, 1961
Time of Birth: 02.58 AM
Place of Birth: Lexington Manor, KY, USA

George Clooney NATAL CHART


Amal Alamuddin/Clooney
Date of Birth: 3rd February, 1978
Time of Birth: Not Known
Place of Birth: Beirut, Labanon

Amal Alamuddin/Clooney NATAL CHART


[Owing to the unavailability of credible birth-time of both the celebrities, the analysis and predictions have been done on the basis of the Solar Chart/ Surya Kundli with the help of their birth-date and birth-place only.]

What makes George Clooney so good with women? Is he really the same man in real that we read about or see on Television or is there a mysterious side to his persona?

Important astrological observations:

George Clooney:-

  • Exalted Venus in his Chart.

Astrological Predictions :-

  • The complete essence of Clooney’s inimitable and flawless charm lies in the wonderful placement of Venus in his Chart. Venus in Pisces creates a magnetic persona which has two sides. One is – go with the flow when in relationship. The other side is – attract love.
  • Exalted Sun in his Horoscope indicates that he has that masterly ability to impress others effortlessly. This too works as a pull mechanism along with the Venus factor mentioned above.
  • So, we can sum up the power of the exalted Venus and the Sun in Clooney’s chart in the following two words: 1) Charisma and 2) Magnetism

How will his current relationship with Amal, a Lawyer be?

Important astrological observations :-

  • Amal’s Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Capricorn and George is born with the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. Amal’s Jupiter is in Gemini.
  • Amal’s Ketu is in Pisces and George’s Venus in Pisces.
  • Amal’s Saturn is in Leo and George is born with Rahu in Leo.
  • Mars in both cases is in Cancer.
  • George’s Sun and Mercury in Aries are in square with Amal’s planets in Capricorn.
  • Amal’s Sun, Mercury and Venus are in sextile with George’s Venus. Amal’s planets are in Capricorn where as George’s Venus is in Pisces.

Astrological Predictions :-

  • The core essence of the relationship of George and Amal will be based on impulse and attraction, and they will generally enjoy great cooperation and understanding.
  • On some occasions, if the emotions are not properly handled, there may be some tense situations and flare ups between the two, as both of them have Mars in the same Sign.
  • As the Sun in their Charts is in square, both of them will be very conscious of their image and status and will be calculative about how their relationship is affecting their career. It also means that both will are highly ambitious people.
  • They may lack the maturity to come to a conclusion in certain matters, mostly related to their married life.
  • Though, there will be a good rapport, there may be instances wherein, they may not be able to understand each other easily, and things may unnecessarily get complicated.
  • The relationship may not remain smooth for a longer duration, foresees Ganesha.

Is there another relationship or marriage in store for George or will he remain stable with the gorgeous Amal?

Important astrological observations :-

  • George will be under the influence of thes major period of Saturn and sub period also of Saturn till 3rd October, 2017.
  • Jupiter will be transiting over his Natal Rahu in the 7th House, will be aspecting his Ketu and will also be aspecting his Sun and Mercury in the 3rd House, till 11th August, 2016.
  • Ketu will be transiting over his Venus till January, 2016. After that, it will be transiting over his Ketu. Rahu will be transiting over his Rahu post this period.
  • Saturn will be aspecting the planets in Capricorn, and will also be aspecting his Rahu in Leo, till January 2017.

Astrological Predictions :-

  • Ganesha feels that the couple will most certainly gel well till around the 11th of August, 2016. George, who has the Ketu placed in the Ascendant, may generally get very easily disinterested towards people and things and also he is going through the sub period of Saturn, which will make him get irritated with people around. There are chances of George bouncing upon someone interesting post the the aforesaid period. The relationship may hit a rough patch between August 2016 and January 2017.

Will he be able to present some good movies in the coming years?

Important astrological observations :-

  • Jupiter will be aspecting his Natal Moon, Jupiter and Saturn and will also be aspecting his Venus, post 11th August, 2016.

Astrological Predictions :-

  • Ganesha finds that George Clooney may be seen in new movies post 30th January, 2016. Of course, Saturn will be giving some problems and hindrances but he will get through it successfully and will begin work on new assignments.

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to George Clooney and Amal Clooney

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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