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Gazhal maestro Jagjit Singh Hospitalised

Gazhal maestro Jagjit Singh Hospitalised

A gloomy atmosphere could be felt in the world of music after the news of the hospitalisation of the “King of Ghazals” Jagjit Singh. Doctors examining hime consider low blood circulation in the brain to be the reason behind this. Ganesha would like to say something about Jagajit Singh’s health.

This powerful singer was born in Ganganagar on 8th February 1941 with Gemini sign. The placement of Venus in the 8th house denotes love for arts and thus his association with music as well as art from the very childhood. Currently, the malefic planet transiting Mars is passing over the Natal Moon which is the Lord of 6th house of illness. Moreover the 6th Lord Mars is moving over the Moon. Presently Transiting Jupiter is passing through 6th house. It increases illness and is responsible for diseases. Hence, he has been admitted in hospital. Although 6th Lord Mars has been playing a major role in his illness, he has been suffering low blood circulation in the brain. The ruler of the brain blood circulation is also Mars. He is totally under the malefic influence of Mars. From 18th October, transiting Sun- the significator of health will be moving in Libra and it will also be aspected by Natal Jupiter. This is a positive indication of his health. Referring to all the planetary transits, Ganesha feels that the current time is unfavourable for cure till 18th October. There is a wide scope of improvement in health after this time. Likewise, from the end of November 2007 transiting Jupiter will move over his Natal Mars which is also a favourable indication for health matters. This means he can expect good time for health after 18th October. Ganesha advises him to practice meditation regularly in order to cure all blood related diseases.

May Lord Ganesha bless him with much power in the days to come!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,