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Gauhar and Kushal– are they made for each other? Ganesha finds out

Gauhar and Kushal– are they made for each other? Ganesha finds out

Gauhar Khan, model-actress who entertained the audiences with her sensuous moves in the famous songs Hua Chokra Jawaan Re and Jhalla Walla from the 2012 Bollywood film Ishaqzaade, is one of the lucky contestants, who have managed to survive in the Bigg Boss’ house for so long. And one of the reasons behind her survival is her strong support in the form of Kushal Tondon (Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai fame). The relationship between the two is not a secret anymore, as they have confessed their love for each other in front of the camera, and the romantic association has surely added on to the TRPs of the show.

What is it that makes the bond between Kushal and Gauhar so strong? Will their love-story inside Big Boss’ house continue outside it? Ganesha analyses their Surya Kundalis to find out.

Kushal Tandon Gauhar Khan
March 28, 1985 August 23, 1981
Lucknow Pune, India


Reasons behind mutual attraction:
Kushal being an Aries and Gauhar being a Leo are likely to get along well from the word go due the basic characteristics of their Sun signs. However, there are also some more interesting facts related to their horoscopes that Ganesha would like to point out.

Ganesha observes that Venus, the prime significator of love and relationships, is exalted – thus powerful – in Kushal’s chart. Venus is debilitated and thus weak in Gauhar’s chart. However, as Kushal’s Venus is in Pisces and Gauhar’s Venus is in Virgo – the opposites will get attracted to each other (Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs).

No wonder there is strong mutual physical attraction between the love-birds of Bigg Boss 7. But it is to be noted that Kushal’s Venus is retrograde in Pisces, which indicates the possibility of him getting into secret relationships in the future. He may feel that he is sacrificing too much for the relationship.

Gauhar is born with debilitated Venus, and therefore, she is likely to face disappointments at the love front. Gauhar, a Leo, would want to be treated like a queen and Kushal, being an Aries, may make her feel special as his Aries characteristics make him good at taking initiatives. Since both of them are born under Fire Signs, they may tend to be aggressive towards each other and end up parting ways. In short, their temperaments may make or break their relationship.

Is this a very potent relationship?
Ganesha observes that besides the ‘Venus factor’, there are no other strong contact points in both the horoscopes. As we do not have their birth times, Moon’s connection with Moon is not considered here.

Generally, people born with more planetary contact points get into very intense relationships and those relationships last longer.

Considering these points, Ganesha feels that although the emotional connection between Kushal and Gauhar looks very potent at present, it is unlikely to last for too long.

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