Ganesha reads into the intriguing and amazing phenomenon called Kolaveri Di.

A slang word
used to eve tease in Southern India gets woven into a song. With a
foot tapping tune, and simple yet contemporary lyrics, the entire
composition gets done in a Tamil Gaana style. The percussion beats of
Dappan Koothu meet colloquial usages; the folk meets fusion and
voil?, magic is created! The song ‘Why this Kolaveri Di
becomes a rage overnight. The song receives innumerable internet
searches much before its actual launch, gets translated into numerous
languages in less than a fortnight, and suddenly a whole nation wakes
up to a trivial yet catchy tune it can’t get out of its head.

to the song, the media employed to popularise the song is very
contemporary. The song was made viral in such a way that it became a
phenomenon in an extremely short span of time. Being now considered
as a super-marketing move by the music giant Sony, Kolaveri
posted on Tamil, Hindi and International Facebook pages ahead of its
launch. In a matter of days, the song bagged the place of India’s
most-searched YouTube video ever, the first Tamil film song to play
on MTV India and national radio stations. After being widely written
in Indian and international press, and evoking the interest of
premier management and marketing schools across the country, the song
is still going strong.

What is so
special about this seemingly strange song from the upcoming Tamil
movie ‘3’? What makes the initially incomprehensible lyrics so
special in this song that one cannot stop humming them? Does
Rajnikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush carry the trademark fantastic luck as
his hugely celebrated father-in-law? What did the social media
specialists working in the background did that the viral caught on
with such an inexplicable ferocity?

Ganesha with
the help of Vedic astrology sets down to read the natal charts of the
two most important people associated with this song – the singer
and the composer. Read ahead to know what magic the planets wove to
create this phenomenon.

of birth:- 28
July 1983
of birth:- Unavailable
of birth :- Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Surya Kundli

Ravichander’s Surya Kundli

Di’s Digital release chart
November 2011

Di’s Astrological analysis

  • Dhanush
    is born with retrograde Jupiter. When the song was digitally
    released, transiting Jupiter was retrograde. This indicates that
    present time is a very good time for Dhanush.

  • In
    Anirudh’s chart, Venus the prime significator of creativity is in
    Neech Bhang, because it is placed with exalted Mercury. This is also
    a classic example like Amitabh Bachchan’s chart or Dev Anand’s
    chart. Both the legendary personalities have the same combination in
    their natal charts. This indicates that Anirudh is a potent music
    director and Kolaveri Di is just the beginning. We can expect a lot
    more in the future from this prodigy child.

  • In
    song’s release time chart, Venus is in Trine with Moon. It is to be
    noted that Moon also contributes to the creativity in a great
    manner, for it governs imagination. Moon also governs lucidity, for
    it is the planet with a water element. Anything that requires smooth
    flow has to be in a movable sign. In this case, Moon, the ruler of
    the zodiac sign Cancer was in its own sign, and that’s a movable
    sign. FMCG market too is ruled by Moon, and this in a way proves
    that Moon has got a mass appeal.

  • In
    Solar System, job of the luminaries is to throw light on the matter.
    In this case, it got picked up immediately because of the Moon’s
    position in Cancer and that too in the Ascendant. This is the reason
    that the song had the potential to become quite prominent in no

  • Moon
    was in the Pushya Constellation, and ruler of the Pushya
    Constellation i.e. Saturn was exalted at the time of the release of
    the song. Water element is predominant in the release time chart of
    the song, so it went ‘viral’ with the flow on Social network
    websites. The comparison is quite obvious here.

  • Rahu
    governs internet and entire virtual medium, as it governs Maaya.
    Kolaveri Di’s digital release chart, Rahu is in close proximity with
    the significator of communication and words i.e. Mercury and
    significator of arts i.e. Venus.

  • Now, here is a wonderful
    observation. As Mercury is afflicted by Rahu, the lyrics are not
    very substantial. However, despite this the song caught on in an
    amazing manner.

  • Transiting Moon was in applying
    aspect to Anirudh’s Natally exalted Jupiter. Because Jupiter is a
    natural benefic, it benefited Anirudh a great deal.

  • Dhanush’s Saturn return contributes
    very little to the factor, as Saturn is the planet of longer term

  • For
    any artist, Venus return is very vital. Dhanush’s Venus return
    happened on 29th
    August 2011. In his Venus return chart, Venus the prime significator
    of arts was placed in the 11th
    house of gains with Moon. This was to bring him in the limelight
    before next Venus return and it happened with Kolaveri Di.

  • Anirudh’s
    Venus return happened on 1st
    October 2011. In his Venus return chart, Sun, Saturn, exalted
    Mercury and debilitated Venus – again in Neech Bhang Yoga just
    like his Natal chart – were posited in the 2nd
    house of finances. Obviously, Anirudh has started receiving offer
    from film producers to compose songs for their films.

in all, Ganesha feels that the planets and stars were very supportive
to Anirudh and Dhanush. They, in conjunction with the entire effort,
conspired to make the the song such a hit. Good luck and may Lord
Ganesha bless the creators of the song with great success of their
film ‘3’.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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