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Ganesha gives a thumbs up to second season of Dus Ka Dum

Ganesha gives a thumbs up to second season of Dus Ka Dum

When popular reality show Dus Ka Dum began its first season, the nation watched with bated breath and mixed opinion, more so because Bollywood’s most loved and most hated maverick, Salman Khan, was going to host the game show.

Given his unpredictable nature and fiery temper, television audiences were expecting the show to wrap up in just a few weeks. After all, Sallu may just pick up a fight with the show’s producers or bash up someone in the audience if asked a prying question! But no such thing.

As he crooned, shook his booty and peeled his shirt off his magnificent torso, the sceptics were silenced and the audience screamed for more. Salman’s charisma and the unpretentious quotient of Dus Ka Dum had the nation hooked. Naturally, the TRPs peaked, and there was no looking back.

Dus Ka Dum, which is a take-off of popular American game show Power of 10, is now ready with its second season, which starts on 30th May. Loved for its simple format and the way Salman connects with participants, fans have already adjusted their routine around the show’s air time.

Will the second innings of Dus Ka Dum work the same magic on the viewers? Ganesha predicts whether the show will score a perfect 10 and shut rumour mongers forever.

DOB: 30th May, 2009
TOB: 21:00
POB: Mumbai

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  • Guru, the Lord of the ascendant, is sextile to the ascendant, which denotes huge potential for success.
  • Guru is in exact conjunction with Neptune, indicating big money.
  • Mangal, Lord of the 5th House of creativity, is swagruhi in the 5th House, lending a good hand to creativity.
  • Mangal is also applying trine to the ascendant, which is a marvellous aspect for introducing new angles to the show.
  • Moon as the Lord of the 8th House of evil is applying trine to the ascendant, which is a dampening prospect.

Ganesha says that the second season of Dus Ka Dum will be an instant success. New elements are foreseen with respect to celebrity guests and themes, as well as promotional activities. Already, there is news that bombshell Mallika Sherawat has been paid a hefty sum to appear in the first episode of the new season.

The show will bring in lots of fiscal gains for the producers and also up TRP ratings. However, Ganesha says that this time too, the show seems to be short-lived. It may begin sooner that expected, but it not a losing proposition.

Here’s wishing Dus Ka Dum and its charming host Salman all the very best!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia