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Ganesha diagnoses Suay Lak Sai (Sick Nurses)

Ganesha diagnoses Suay Lak Sai (Sick Nurses)

It seems that Thai horror movies are on the path of Americanization as Hollywood influence is seen in a recently released Suay Lak Sai (Sick Nurses). Ganesha gives astrological review of the movie – whether it would be a hit or flop.Suay Lak Sai was released on June 14, 2007. As per Vedic Astrology System, film was released with Leo Ascendant with Ketu in the Ascendant itself. Neptune, one of the prime significators of movies, is retrograde and placed in the sixth house of movie’s release time chart. Moreover, it is aspected by Saturn, a slow moving planet. Venus, the significator of arts, is placed in the 12th house of release chart – Lord of Karma Bhuvan. Moon, the significator of event, is exalted and placed in the Karma Bhuvan with Sun. Mercury which signifies scripts and dialogues, is placed in its own sign in the 11th house, but is debilitated in the Navmansha chart (widely known as D/9 – the divisional chart). Rahu, strong malefic planet, is placed in the seventh house of public, with retrograde Uranus.

As per Chaldean Numerology, total of name Suay Lak Sai is 4, ruled by Rahu. Date of release is 14, making the total 5, which does not match with number 4.

Mulling over all factors explained above, Ganesha feels that this movie will have good script and dialogues. Writer must have played very nicely with words. Movie’s plot may also be really good. Subject may be different, bold and slightly unconventional. Ganesha also feels that despite strong script and factors of horror and comedy, the movie may not be able to do very good business. Jupiter is retrograde, forming opposition with Moon and therefore, direction may be weak or average.

Ganesha observes that there is exchange between 10th house Lord Venus and 12th house Lord Moon. Numerological total of this movie’s English Name i.e. Sick Nurses is 33, which is Master Number. This compound number totals down to 6, which is ruled by Venus. Ganesha strongly feels that this movie may fetch buckets of bucks from foreign shores, although it may do average business in Thailand.

Ganesha finds strong influence of North Node (Rahu) in the entire movie, which also indicates that this movie may invite some controversy. Here is the explanation:

Name of the Movie/Cast/Crew Total as per Chaldean Numerology
SUAy LAK SAI (Title) 4

Out of these 7 names, four are ruled by number 4. According to Western System, number 4 is ruled by Uranus and in Vedic Astrological System the same number is for Rahu, the North Node. Rahu represents Black Magic, Ghosts, Darkness, Unconventionality and Illicit or Illegal matters. In the release time horoscope, Rahu is aspecting the Ascendant and it is posited in the seventh house of public projection.

Based on this analysis, Ganesha would also like to add that this movie may not leave any major impression on viewers’ minds and may just remain as a HORROR flick.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,