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Ganesha analyzes reasons for Lilly Allen’s miscarriage

Ganesha analyzes reasons for Lilly Allen’s miscarriage

English singer and songwriter, Lilly Allen is the daughter of musician/actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen. She reached number one position in UK Singles Chart with her Single “Smile” in July 2006. She was in news recently for her pregnancy and now her miscarriage. Ganesha would like to throw light on some of the planetary positions, which resulted in her miscarriage.

British pop star Lily Allen was born in Hammersmith, west London. She and her family eventually settled in the North London borough of Islington. She was expecting a baby with 37-year-old boyfriend Ed Simons. Her publicist confirmed the news in December.

Because her birth time is unknown, as per Vedic system Ganesha would like to predict the reason of her miscarriage based on Sun chart. Looking at her Sun chart, Ganesha notes that, Sun is in exaltation, which is placed with natural malefic planet Rahu. Currently, transiting Saturn as well as Ketu are passing through fifth house from Sun plus Sun is afflicted by malefic Rahu which has created difficulty in matter of child formation. In astrology, Rahu, like Saturn, is said to be the Sorrow of the “Kaal Purusha”.

The association of Rahu and Sun indicates stomach related trouble or head related problem. In her case, it had an adverse outcome for her stomach. Current transit of Saturn from fifth house of progeny plus the association of Rahu and Sun indicate depression and ill-health while pregnant. This also denotes premature loss of children. So, given astrological point was responsible for premature kid. They are responsible for the problem related to child formation and miscarriage.

There are some remedies, which can be helpful while child conception. Ganesha advises her to eat any item prepared from vegetables on every Thursday. She is strongly advised to avoid eating non-vegetarian food on Thursday and Sunday. If she will follow this remedy, she may get positive result soon.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,