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How far will Guddu and Rangeela manage to run at the box office? 

Soon to be released Bollywood comedy flick Guddu Rangeela stars quirky actor Arshad Warsi, versatile Ronit Roy and a relative newbie Amit Sadh in the lead roles. Pretty Aditi Rao Hydari, the female lead in the film, plays the role of a deaf-mute girl in this upcoming comic drama. And, she is the one the three are apparently after in the film, which centres around that plot where Hydari is kidnapped by the cousins duo Guddu and Rangeela—orchestra singers who are struggling to meet the ends. What happens as the story unfolds and new characters take shape, including an antagonist Billo, played by Ronit Roy. The eclectic film, however, recently ran into a controversy, when one of its popular and funny songs—’Mata Ka Email’—was not well received by certain audience sections. Here, Ganesha looks at the Release Time Chart of the film Guddu Rangeela to predict how the movie is destined to score at the box-office. 03rd July 2015Release Time Chart Main Territory, Bombay


  • Ganesha notes that the film ‘Guddu Rangeela’ is releasing with the Leo Ascendant.
  • Jupiter the 5th House of performance’s Lord is exalted in the 12th House, with Venus.
  • Moon is in the 6th House of the Release Time Chart.
  • Venus, the 10th House of success’ Lord is in the 12th House of the Release Time Chart.
  • Mercury is in the 10th House of success in this Chart, while Rahu is placed in the 2nd House of finances.

  • As the Lord of the 10th House in the Release Time Chart is placed in the 12th House of losses, it is apparent that ‘Guddu Rangeela’ may not have a very good opening. Thus Ganesha feels that the film will have moderate business initially, and even during the week.
  • The Lord of the 5th House of performance Jupiter is placed in the 12th House in its Chart, so performance of the actors in the film may also remain pretty average.
  • In the overseas territories too, this film may do average business.
  • By and large, Ganesha feels that the overall performance of the movie Guddu Rangeela at the box office may remain lukewarm or moderate.

Ganesha wishes good luck to the cast and crew of the film Guddu Rangeela.

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Rantidev A. Upadhyay
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