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A year with various aspects to it awaiting the ‘Dhoom Machale’ girl!

A year with various aspects to it awaiting the 'Dhoom Machale' girl!

Esha Deol, a graceful dancer and a good actor, won the best female debut award with her very first film Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche. Being daughter to the all time favourite Dream Girl, Hema Malini and the Heartthrob of many generations, Dharmendra, this promising actor went on to garner more appreciation for her portrayal of varied characters in films of different genres like Yuva, No Entry and Just Married. When she married Bharat Takhtani, this envy of many girls became the Darling of one. She has also earned rightful praise for her dancing skills. On the occasion of her birthday, Ganesha takes a look at her Solar Chart…

Esha Deol
Date of birth:- 2 November 1981
Time of birth:- Unknown
City of birth:- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Solar Horoscope

  • As per her Solar Chart, as Esha is under the influence of first phase of Shani’s saade saati, which for her, has started from 2nd November 2014. As a result of which Ganesha feels that her career as an actress would slow down a bit during this period. Yet, with this first period, till 26th January 2017, is likely to be financially gainful. She will be doing various projects (besides films) along with continuing her appearance in television shows.

Will she shift careers or make a comeback…

  • Already possessing multiple skills, Esha could be a little diverted in her career choice in the year ahead. Even if she returns to films, it’s going to be different ball game for her as she is not likely to remain as active as she was foresees Ganesha. Mercury is exalted in her chart, so small screen will probably prove to be more favourable for her. She could also divert to writing or giving speeches about various subjects.

  • As long as Esha – born with exalted Mercury can curb her tendency to argue over petty things, her married life is likely to remain good. Venus, which signifies love, is in Sagittarius in her Sign so she will handle her love life wisely. However, Ganesha feels that she would have to give her best to this marriage in order to avoid problems. Shani’s Saade Saati effect is likely to leave her a bit frustrated but it wont break her, says Ganesha. Also, she won’t give up easily on this marriage and will try to strike a balance as she is born with Sun in Libra.


  • Jupiter, the Santaan Karaka planet is in Libra with debilitated Sun, so after facing some amount of delay, Esha is most likely to conceive around the end of 2017.

In absence of the exact time of birth, the above predictions are basis Solar Horoscope. Also, the information about kids is difficult to predict without birth details of both the spouses, hence for now the prediction on kids is also only basis Esha’s Solar Horoscope.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team