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Do Planets Support Zaira Wasim’s Comeback In Bollywood?

The young former actor, Zaira Wasim, had wowed the audience with her superb performance in movies like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Secret Superstar’. Her stellar performance with bigwig like Aamir Khan only increased audiences’ respect & reverence for her confidence & skills.

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But she surprised many when she announced her decision to quit an emerging film career, in order to lead a more religious & spiritual life.

In Wasim’s birth chart (kundli), Venus is in the Scorpio sign while in Navmansh birth chart, Venus is in its own house. This is why she began her career with a high in the entertainment industry. However, her upcoming time does not look very eventful.

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Planetary transits are not favouring Wasim much for the next two-three years. Wasim may try to stay in the news. She may even try to make a comeback in Bollywood, but she is unlikely to get success.

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