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Dilwale to enjoy a Mind-Blowing Opening; may become one of Bollywood’s biggest entertainers! 

Dilwale to enjoy a Mind-Blowing Opening; may become one of Bollywood’s biggest entertainers! 

The stars predict that the scintiallating magic of SRK-Kajol will leave us enthralled; the movie will do terrific business overall!
Once again there is an SRK film round the corner and the air has already got electrified and has been filled up with a lot of buzz! There are reasons aplenty that this movie will be cherished and the bright spot which take the cake is that – it will be bringing together the sensational pair of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol after a gap of around 5 years! Their chemistry and the classy magic that they both bring on to the screen are much anticipated. Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon also look adorable and sweet in the promotional posters and trailers and together the fantastic four look all set to steal our hearts! The songs – Gerua and Manma Emotion have already captured the hearts and ears of the movie lovers and it looks like Pritam – the music genius is back with a bang! Shot in various picturesque and visually delightful locations, this movie even promises to be a treat for the eyes! Many film-pundits have already started placing their bets on Dilwale to thrash all existing Bollywood records. But what do the stars indicate? Will the film enjoy an opening as wonderful as the popularity that it is already enjoying? Will it leave behind other films in the Moolah race? Come, let’s find out with Ganesha’s help…

Releasing on 18th December, 2015
Release Time ChartMain Territory,


  • Ganesha notes that ”Dilwale ” movie will be Launched with Capricorn Ascendant in release time chart.
  • The ascendant lord Saturn will be in the 11th house (gains) of the chart. Mercury , 9th house distance places’ lord, will be in its inimical sign with the Sun.
  • Swagruhi Venus (a significator of arts/creations) will be in the 10th house of chart.
  • Mars ,the 11th house lord will be with Rahu in the 9th house.
  • The Moon ,7th house lord, will be in the 2 house of Finance.

A Spectacular Opening!

  • The movie “Dilwale” may have excellent opening. This movie will win the ‘Dils’ of people for sure!

Mind-Blowing Performances…

  • The performance of the actors will have extraordinary response from the audience. The performance of the leading actors may be cherished, enjoyed and appreciated by the audience.

Performance on Foreign Shores…

  • The movie will be performing very well in foreign lands, and the movie may become one of the popular Indian movies abroad. The promotional efforts put in by Team Dilwale will definitely reap rich returns!

Happy Audiences, Happy Producers!

  • The film will make producers extremely happy with its fantastic business. Even the distributors are going to have a ball with the performance of this movie!

Awards and Recognition?

  • Dilwale will be an out-and-out entertainer and will be thoroughly enjoyable film after a long time and it may even get nominated for awards for various categories.

A Record-Smashing Film?

  • It may set new records for the highest-grossing film in Bollywood. The tremendous pace at which the cash-registers will keep ticking will be just amazing.

Ganesha wishes good luck to the cast and crew of ‘DILWALE’

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay and Aaditya Sain
The GaneshaSpeaks Team