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Dev Patel Horoscope Predictions

Dev Patel Horoscope Predictions

Dev Patel, who won the Oscar for his memorable role of Jamal Malik in the film “Slumdog Millionaire” by British filmmaker Danny Boyle, set against Indian background, has touched the pinnacle of success at a very young age. Dev Patel, who became a star in the film industry, is of Indian origin, but was born in the UK. He made his acting debut in 2007-2008 as Anwar Kharral in the British TV series “Skins” and then the popular film “Slumdog Millionaire”. ‘ Started his film career by entering the film world. After this, he also won the BAFTA Award. In the year 2016 for the film “Lion”, he received BAFTA and Santa Barbara Awards as well as received nominations for more awards. So will the success sequence of actor Dev Patel continue like this?

Dev Patel
Date of Birth: 23-04-1990
Place of Birth: Harrow, London, United Kingdom
Birth Time: Unknown

Dev Patel’s Sun Kundli


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A look at the planets of Dev Patel’s birth

In the Surya Kundli of Actor Dev Patel, Aries ascendant rises. Sun and Mercury are in the ascendant, Bhagyesh and Vyesh Jupiter are in the third place, Ketu is in the fourth place, Rahu and Shani are in the Karma place, Mars and Venus are in the eleventh and the expenditure place of the Moon magazine is in the twelfth. From the analysis of these planetary positions, it can be well known that performance matters a lot for any artist. In place of performance in the horoscope of Dev, Venus is seen, due to which he is capable of giving excellent performance. The Saturn of Capricorn present in the place of work makes them very hardworking in their work. In the Navamsa Kundli, Venus is able to play the dominant roles due to the presence of Venus in Taurus. Mercury is the lord of his mighty house and from reading the horoscope it was known that when his career started, at that time only the Mahadasha of Mercury was going on him. If we look at the other qualities of his horoscope, then the lord of the place of fortune is Jupiter, the guru of the gods. Due to the complete vision of the Guru at this place, he is getting the blessings of luck in his hard work, due to which he has achieved high level of success at a young age. Buy the 2017 Career Report to know where your career will take you in 2017.

More achievements to come

If we look at the planets of transit, then Rahu in the sixth house and Ketu in the twelfth house is going on from the moon of the birth of actor Dev Patel. The Sun and Mercury of transit are currently passing through the Sun and Mercury of their birth. Apart from this, the transit of Venus takes place on his birth moon. The transiting Jupiter is moving from the seventh house from the moon of the birth. According to the horoscope, during this time the Mahadasha of Ketu runs over the deity. In view of this position of the planets, there will be a possibility of obstruction in the work of Dev Patel till August 12, 2017. They will feel some relief and security due to the sight of the transiting Jupiter on the birth moon and Saturn. But, one has to be mentally prepared to face tough situations. Due to the Mahadasha of Chhayagraha Ketu being active till 12-12-2021, they are likely to not get the expected results of their hard work. However, after this i.e. from 12-12-2021 to 12-12-2041, their Venus Mahadasha will start, which will start the golden period of their life. It is also to be kept in mind that passing through the place of karma and profit in a sequential manner from the date 30-3-2020 to 13-4-2022 will give them vivid success. During this period, along with increasing the name and fame of Dev Patel, his income is also likely to increase significantly. If you are worried about any issue related to your life, then take advantage of our Ask any Question report and get the right guidance.

With the blessings of Ganeshji,
Prakash Pandya

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