Despite tough times, another award on cards for Rahman, feels Ganesha.

Born as A.S.
Dileep Kumar to Mudaliar Tamil parents, the music maestro, the
musician par excellence Allah Rakha Rahman, known popularly as A.R.
Rahman, is the pride of Indian cinema. From humble beginnings as an
orchestra band member at the age of 11 to being the darling of Indian
film music to being a two-times Oscar (Academy Award) winner, 'the
Mozart of Madras' surely has come a long long way. Rahman began his
musical journey quite young, at the age of less than 8 years, playing
keyboard and assisting his music composer dad. Life wasn't easy once
he lost his dad at a nubile age of 9, but the adversity didn't stop
him from achieving greatness.

the release of the South Indian blockbuster Roja
in the
early 90s, the nation woke up to the exceptionally soulful, haunting
melodies they hadn't relished in years. A.R. Rahman had well and
truly arrived! A master at employing and mixing musical instruments,
both rare and usual, to create spectacularly heart warming and
stimulating music, Rahman has won innumerable accolades and awards.
He won his first award at the age of 20, and has never stopped since.
In his illustrious career spanning over two decades, he has worked
across various Indian film industries (Bollywood, Tollywood et al)
and in theatre and International cinema. Besides the two Academy
Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, 14 Filmfare
Awards and 13 Filmfare South Awards, Rahman has won Padma Shri, Padma
Bhushan, National Lata Mangeshkar Award and four National Film Awards
among many others by the Indian government.

A music
composer, singer-songwriter, record producer, musician,
multi-instrumentalist and a marvellous human being, A.R. Rahman has
sold over 350 million records worldwide of his film scores and
soundtracks, and is still going strong. Many of his songs, including

Matram, Rang De Basanti, Ye Jo Des hai, Jai Ho
acquired cult status. His music and lyrics have a unique quality that
manages to strike a chord with music lovers of all ages and genres.
And, that is not all! Professional and personal success have not led
Rahman astray, and he hasn't forgotten his roots. He is involved in a
plenty of social and charity work. In his own state-of-the-art
studios, Panchathan
Record Inn and AM Studios, he has made provisions for teaching music.
In 2008, Rahman opened KM Music Conservatory partnered with Audio
Media Education facility to tutor and train aspiring musicians in
vocals, instruments, music technology and sound design.

A marvellous human being, a
philanthropist and a music Guru in the truest sense of the word, A.R
Rahman turns 46 in January 2012. What lies ahead for this luminary in
the coming year on both professional and personal front? Ganesha
reads into his future with the help of Vedic Astrology.

R. Rahman

of birth:- 6th
January 1966
of birth:- Unknown
of birth:- Chennai, India


  • Ganesha notes that A. R. Rahman
    would be under the influence of Rahu Ketu half return during the
    year 2012.

  • Jupiter's transit remains
    favourable till May 2012 but post May 2012, transiting Jupiter will
    be in conjunct with Ketu and will be transiting over his Natal Rahu
    ? which isn't a very good sign astrologically.

  • Saturn's transit through Libra
    seems average for Rahman

  • Mars is exalted in his Natal
    chart. During first half of 2012 Mars will be transiting through
    Leo, opposing Rahman's Natal Saturn. Mars will be in Square with
    his Natal Rahu and Ketu.


  • The year 2012 at first glance
    looks slightly tough for A. R. Rahman

  • He will have to take very good
    care of his mental and physical health, as Ganesha feels that he may
    remain disturbed due to either health issues or because of mental
    stress, in 2012.

  • He may, though, be offered some
    more foreign films during the year ahead, Ganesha feels that he will
    be trying his best to give more and more quality output during the
    year ahead but that might not happen in 2012, which may make him
    feel frustrated a bit.

  • Between
    May 2012 and 27th
    June 2012, Venus will remain retrograde in Taurus, forming Trine
    aspect with Rahman's Natal Venus. This period is important for his
    career as Music director, says Ganesha. Something good can be
    expected here.

  • Again,
    the period from 4th
    October 2012 seems favourable till the year-end.

  • Despite hard planetary transits,
    as there are some favourable short-term transits happening in 2012,
    Ganesha feels that A. R. Rahman might again bag an award during the
    year ahead.

Ganesha foresees, with the help
of Vedic astrology, that Rahman may have to deal with health issues
this year, but it will not affect his output, and he may even go on
to make an addition to his already over-flowing trophy cabinet. May
Lord Ganesha bless A. R. Rahman with great success during the year

Ganesha's Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team