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Balanced Deepika Padukone must guard against restlessness and dejection till 2017, says Ganesha.

Balanced Deepika Padukone must guard against restlessness and dejection till 2017, says Ganesha.

Bollywood’s current golden girl, the leggy, classy and beautiful Deepika Padukone seems to have it all—an athletic, sporty lineage that she never forgets to thank for her an equally athletic, enviable physique, a glittering film career, oodles of natural charm, truck-loads of acting ability, an unending list of high-profile admirers, multiple endorsement associations, a super-chic lifestyle and tonnes of money. Yet, recently, as she spoke of her ongoing battle with clinical depression, she left the world and her fans stunned. This proved that one, really, cannot have it all! Really, the success, glitz and moolah are not enough to the complex human existence. Deepika, who lives in Mumbai, on her own shares a close bond with her family that lives in Bengaluru. The pretty actress is also known to have been in a close relationship with co-star Ranveer Singh, even though the couple’s exact status remains a mystery. Here, Ganesha takes a look at the Solar Horoscope of the inimitable lady, with a million-dollar smile to predict the way ahead for her.

Deepika Padukone’s Surya Kundli


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Though Deepika’s exact time of birth is unavailable, meticulous calculations of her birth date and place reveal that her Natal Moon is posited in the Zodiac Sign Libra.

Astrologically, Moon signifies Mind. Given the fact that Ms. Padukone is born with a Libra Moon, she is likely to be naturally balanced and affectionate. However, in her Birth Chart, her Natal Moon is afflicted by Ketu (South Node). This adverse placement is strongly malefic in Deepkia’s Chart, and indicates mental and emotional disturbances. Ketu is a planet that signifies detachment, emptiness, losses, and its combination with Moon in Deepika’s Chart is likely to lead to a feeling of emotional emptiness.

Further, while the Moon and Mars in the same Sign create the positive Laxmi Yoga in the actress’ Chart, Mars ‘the catalyst’ also leads to mental unrest and restlessness, because it is in conjunction with her Moon.

Overall, Ganesha reads that the Mars-Ketu conjunct Moon in Ms. Padukone’s Natal Chart is responsible behind her current state of mind. This factor will also tend to never let her be entirely at peace.

Also, currently, she is undergoing her last phase of the Saturn’s Seven and Half Years’ (Shani Sade Sati) period. This phase often manifests itself in form of low feelings and depression, which has been the case here.

Good news is that a big part of her battle is already over, and now she may just be in the ‘getting over’ and ‘realigning’ mode. Ganesha also assures that Deepika shall recover, to a great extent, from her current mental state, post January 2017, when the transiting Saturn leaves Scorpio. The end of her Shani Sade Sati period, then, shall also seem to lift off a huge burden from her mind. However, till then, she will have to be very careful of guarding against mental health issues and emotional disturbances.

Career in Films
Jupiter’s ongoing transit through Cancer till mid-July 2015 is not likely to be very fruitful for Deepika. However, post 15th July 2015, when Jupiter moves to the Zodiac Sign Leo, things shall get better for her, specifically between July 2015 and August 2016, when when the transiting Jupiter shall aspect her Natal Sun, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius. This will be the time, when Deepika is going to rise and shine, once again. We will get to see some of her good films on the horizon. She may also sign some big-budget films. Her films that get released or made during that time shall also win awards, says Ganesha.

Ganesha observes that Ranveer is born with Mars in Gemini. Deepika’s Venus is in Sagittarius. Venus signifies love and Mars is the catalyst. In this case, thus, this opposition is the factor that attracts. Moreover, Sun to Sun opposition in duo’s individual Horoscopes also indicates a strong attraction. However, it also may be a stressful relationship, feels Ganesha, mainly due to the strong opposition aspect that gets created between their planets. It may take quite some time for both of them to understand each other’s needs in love, feels Ganesha.

Although, relationship matters are best addressed with Horoscopes created with complete Birth Time, Ganesha observes from the duo’s individual Solar Horoscopes that the couple may take a stand about its relationship or may release some news about their bond by July 2015.

Ganesha wishes well for everyone.

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