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Deepika’s Golden Run Will Continue and Multiple Award Nominations foreseen for her in 2016!

Though all-round success is foreseen for the Bajirao Mastani actress, Ganesha advises her to take good care of her health in the period between March to September 2016…

Bollywood’s current golden girl, the classy and beautiful Deepika Padukone seems to have it all— an athletic, sporty lineage and an equally athletic, enviable physique, a glittering film career, oodles of natural charm, truck-loads of acting ability, an unending list of high-profile admirers, multiple endorsement associations, a super-chic lifestyle and tonnes of money. Riding high after the success of her latest film – Bajiirao Mastani, the leggy beauty seems to be in great spirits, but this does not mean a leisure or lean period for her. She is one actress who is highly in demand, and there are a lot of big banners which have been patiently waiting to get her sign on the dotted lines. Here, Ganesha takes a look at the Solar Horoscope of the inimitable lady, with a million-dollar smile to predict the way ahead for her. Read on!

Deepika Padukone:
Date of Birth: 05th January, 1986
Time of Birth: Not Known
Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark


[Owing to the unavailability of credible birth-time of Deeepika, the analysis and predictions have been done on the basis of the Solar Chart/ Surya Kundli with the help of her birth-date and birth-place only.]

  • Transiting Jupiter will be will be aspecting her Natal Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius and will also be aspecting her Natal Rahu in Aries Sign of her Solar chart, till 11th August, 2016.
  • Saturn will be transiting over her Natal Saturn in Scorpio and will be aspecting her Natal Jupiter in the Capricorn sign, during the entire year ahead.

Abundant success and Adulation in Store!

  • The path ahead looks to be a very bright one for Deepika and she is most likely to be showered with a lot of appreciation and adulation and her fan base will increase multifold in the year ahead!

The Dream Run…

  • Ganesha predicts that all the movies that she will be starring in, releasing before the 11th of August, 2016 will turn out to be big crowd-pullers and will mostly perform well!

Deepika – the Star Performer…

  • Talking of performances, well, Deepika will be surely be the show-stopper in 2016 with her brilliant acting! Her golden period will continue and her success rate is likely to be very high!
  • Ganesha feels that her fame and popularity as well her prestige will increase. With her class and brilliance, she will give tough competition to her contemporaries.

The Awards and Nominations…

  • There are very high chances of her getting multiple award nominations in this year.

Dippy’s Hands Full With Offers from All Directions!

  • There will be a lot of films coming her way and she will have her hands full with a lot of assignments and commitments. This may also force her to be a bit selective about the scripts. So busy Deepika will be that, even the big banners will have to wait long for her to sign on the dotted lines. This will doubtlessly be a prime period in her life.

Some Words of Caution for the Dimpled Beauty:

  • The only thing that Ganesha warns her about is to take good care of her health in the period between March to September. Mars’ reverse-straight-reverse shuttle in the Signs of Libra and Scorpio may take a toll on her health and due to her super-hectic schedule, she may get exhausted easily. It is good that Deepika follows a very strict routine and does does Yoga and this will save her from a lot of problems.

The Conclusion…

  • On the whole, Ganesha foresees a very happening, fast-paced and busy life for Deepika in 2016. Even in the social circles, she will be a buzzing bee! But, her domestic life will be a bit uncertain and this may cause some concern to her. She will also have to maintain her calm in all situations, otherwise, the wonderful joyride may have to face some bumps.

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Deepika Padukone on her birthday.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team