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Creator of Harry Potter Rowling in name & fame

Creator of Harry Potter Rowling in name & fame

The book & film series of Harry Potter has left the kids and elders spellbound. J K Rowling (Joanne Rowling), creator of this fantastic character of Harry Potter has written seven books to the date. The marketing strategy of releasing the final Harry Potter book and the fifth Harry Potter film simultaneously has created a magnificently manic response.

Ganesha finds it interesting to reflect on Rowling’s last amazing ten years since the first mega-best seller started to roll.

She has Moon (emotional nature), Mercury (mental abilities) and Venus (social skills) in royal sign Leo. These three planetary positions suggest a methodical, pragmatic thinker who is keen to rich details. Leo, the sign traditionally associated with children being the 5th sign of Rasi chakra and the joyful spirit they convey. Also joining her three planets in Leo are Uranus and Pluto-two ethereal influences that stimulate a taste for the surprising and the unusual (Uranus) as well as an interest about that which is dark but deeply enthralling in nature (Pluto).

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Neptune in the Ascendant enables the novelist to create entire imaginary landscapes that are strange and dreamlike but still powerful enough to capture the readers’ full attention.

The transit of Uranus in 1997 and in 1998 made a very stimulating contact to J.K.’s Sun. This pattern happens once every 84 years. It is known to give certain people, especially those who are innovative and have special talents, name & fame out of the blue. As per Vedic Astrology she was under the influence of Rahu-Mercury Period. In D-10 Chart, Mercury in 9th house with Jupiter and Rahu placed in the 5th house in Gemini, indicate extraordinary success in profession. She has never looked back from that point of time and acquired name, fame and wealth during the whole Rahu Mahadahsa phase.

She is currently under the influence of Jupiter Mahadasha and Jupiter Bhukti. For the future, she’s unlikely to retire instantly but will perhaps spend more time promoting her favorite causes. From April 2008, she will be under the influence of Jupiter mahadasha and Saturn Bhukti and Saturn is debiliated in the Navmansa chart and placed in the 8th house of D-10 chart. She will have to take extra care of her health and she may devote her life to the service of humanity and social causes.

May Lord Ganesha bless the amazing writer!!!!

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