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Controversies are far from over for actress Minissha Lamba, predicts Ganesha.

Controversies are far from over for actress Minissha Lamba, predicts Ganesha.

The cute and petite Punjabi girl, Minissha Lamba originally aspired to become a fearless journalist. However, the fate had something else in store for her. Acclaimed as a promising newcomer, she managed to grab a plenty of attention and win lots of praises and hearts right from her first film Yahaan.
While at college in Delhi, Minissha started receiving many ad campaign offers, and soon she became a successful print and television model. Getting a ticket to Bollywood from there on was not that difficult for her!

However, despite a good, strong start, Minissha’s career failed to take-off. With more misses than hits, Minissha was soon relegated to background
by her more over-powering counterparts. Yet, she did manage to bag a few good roles in films like Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd., Bachna Ae Hasino, Kidnap,
Shaurya and Well Done Abba. And then there have been times when she has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. From donning a bikini for the film Kidnap to going in for a (not so well turned out) nose-job to being detained at the airport for carrying undeclared jewellery, Minissha has seen it all.

The pretty, doe-eyed lady celebrates her 27th birthday on 18th January 2012. Ganesha, with the help of Vedic Astrology, predicts the future of Minissha. Will she be able to scale new heights? Will she qualify in Bollywood’s league of leading ladies? Read on to find out.

Minissha Lamba
Date of birth:- 18th January 1985
Time of birth:- Unknown
City of birth:- New Delhi, India

Minissha Lamba’s Surya Kundli


Astrological Observations

  • Transiting Saturn will maintain Square aspect with Sun in Minissha’s chart, during the year ahead.
  • After May 2012, Jupiter will be transiting over Natal Rahu and it will aspect Sun and debilitated Jupiter in Natal chart.
  • She will be under the influence of Rahu Ketu half return phase throughout the year.
  • Rahu will also transit over Natal Saturn.

Astrological Predictions

  • Minissha will have to work very hard to get more work, feels Ganesha. Transiting Saturn’s hard aspect with Natal Sun is not in her favour. So, she may not receive due recognition or appreciation despite working hard.
  • First half of the year 2012 seems to be very average for her. Ganesha doesn’t expect her to achieve any great heights till June 2012.
  • However, the second half of the year 2012 looks good for her. July to September 2012 look set to be a progressive period for her career, when transiting Venus conjuncts transiting Jupiter, and later when Venus forms Trine with Natal Venus.
  • Minissha will be involved in controversies while Rahu Ketu half return operates in 2012.
  • She will have to take good care of her health towards the end of the year.

May Lord Ganesha bless Minissha Lamba with a progressive year ahead.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team