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Controversial Release of Bertrand Cantat

Controversial Release of Bertrand Cantat

Bertrand Cantat is a French singer and songwriter and the leader of the rock band Noir Desir. Recently he was released after serving half of an eight year sentence for the murder of his actress girlfriend in a jealous rage over a text message. Ganesha examines the planetary positions at the time of the murder.

In July 2003, during a row with his girlfriend Marie Trintignant in a hotel apartment beat her violently, which resulted in her falling into a coma and eventually dying few days later. This death caused considerable emotion in France. In Bertrand’s chart, Ascendant Lord Saturn is placed with Mars and in Scorpio Navmansa indicating short tempered personality. Uranus and Pluto placed in the 8th house in opposition to Mars, Saturn and Sun is a statement for using violence and loosing temperament on trivial issues. At the time of that unfortunate incident, the transiting Sun and Mars were passing over the natal Sun, Saturn and Mars. The transiting Ketu was moving over the natal Moon, which is debilitated in his chart. Due to such heavy transit he lost his temper and committed the offence. Sun-Saturn-Mars is always dangerous suggesting confrontation with ruling class and imprisonment. He was then running Venus-Venus-Mercury period and Mercury is the Lord of 6th house placed with Saturn and Mars in his chart indicating legal hazards. Currently the transiting Jupiter is moving over the natal Jupiter and Rahu is separating from Sun causing his release. He is released for his good behavior recently on 16th October.

We wish him all the luck for future endeavors and may Lord Ganesha give him patience to avoid any such mishaps again.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team