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Know The Comparison Between Chinese Film Industry And Bollywood

Indeed, the modern world is often referred to as a global village. Better technology and quicker means of transport & communication have lessened the distances & differences, which has led to a more integrated world. Well, globalisation has helped the world come together, but it has not killed the virtue of diversity. In fact, under the influence of global integration, variations in culture and geographies have come to be acknowledged and celebrated all the more. The world has become a magnificent mosaic of plurality and socio-cultural richness. The diversity in the world is also reflected in the expression of art and more notably in the film industry. And as China and India are two emerging super-giants not just in Asia but in the world as a whole, so the two are often compared in various areas, including the exciting film industry.

Well, the comparison between the Chinese film industry and Bollywood is quite impressive. No doubt Chinese have the edge over Bollywood.

The reasons for this are:
1) Bollywood is just the Hindi film industry (which has only around 50 per cent share of the Indian market), there are various other languages in India, with their own film industries; on the other hand, Chinese language movies predominate in China, as Chinese (Mandarin) is the language of the vast majority of the Chinese people.
2) Besides, China has more people than India, its population is more even today (even though marginally). And more importantly, the Chinese economy is 6 to 7 times the size of the Indian economy. Thus the Chinese market is not just larger, but the people there are more prosperous.

Below are some points of comparison between the Chinese film industry and Bollywood:

As per China film industry statistics, Chinese have over 45,000 screens. India has about 10,000 screens, according to Bollywood film industry statistics. As for revenues, China is at US$7 billion, while India is at US$2 billion. China produces about 800 films in Chinese (Mandarin) and India (Bollywood) produces more than two times that. Besides, on average, Chinese films are higher budget and technically better. Indian industry is fragmented, other than Hindi/Bollywood, there is Tamil, there is Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi and Bengali, so, there tends to be a large number of small-budget films.

Bollywood produces a lot of very good small budget films, some of them are specific to local tastes, but it also produces a lot many films which are not up to the mark mainly due to lack of funds, and other factors such as superstar phenomenon, lack of expertise, lack of discipline etc. Bollywood filmmakers have produced quite several rare gems that will/can compare/compete with the best in artistic talent and technical finesse, in the small to medium budget, but they are yet to crack VFX blockbusters or animation Space.

With China increasingly becoming an attractive market for foreign film producers, including those from India, the country aims to have over 60,000 cinema screens by 2020 to make it the world largest film market, a top official said.

In the recent past, some foreign films, including Indian blockbuster “Dangal” have raked in higher box office collections in China than in their own country. By 2020, China is likely to produce around 800 films each year, and the annual box office collection is expected to be around 70 billion yuan (USD 10.6 billion).

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