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Can Planets Pull Naseeruddin Shah Out of Controversy?

One of the most gifted actors of Indian cinema, Naseeruddin Shah is in the news again. This time though, not for his acting skills or a movie, but for his opposition to a new law passed by AIMPLB (All India Muslim Personal Law Board). The board recently passed an anti-blasphemy law, which, in Naseeruddin Shah’s words, has no place in a secular state like India. Sure enough, the words divided the internet into two, with many supporting and equally as many disagreeing with him!

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In his solar chart, there are two negative and one positive planets that are together. We are talking about the Moon, Ketu, and Mars. This combination may be the reason behind him being in the news for the wrong reasons. The good news is, that in the near future, his natal Jupiter will be under Jupiter’s transit. That is likely to bring favorable times for him, and save him from a controversy or two!

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