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Brad Pitt – Astrological Profile

Born December 18, 1963 at 6:31 AM
in Shawnee (OK) (USA)
Sagittarius 25o52 AS Sagittarius 11o55
Shawnee, OK (US): 35n20, 96w56, Oklahoma
Brad Pitt Astrological Profile

As per Vedic Astrology System, Brad Pitt is born with Scorpio Ascendant. This highly focussed Actor has Stellium of many planets in Sagittarius.

Ganesha notes that Brad Pitt is a person with lots of energy. He would be always cautious about his target and may want to achieve it by hook or crook as he has conjunctions of many planets including malefics like Ketu, Sun and Mars in Sagittarius. Venus and Saturn in the third house give him creative understanding but because Saturn is not very close to Venus by degrees, he must be fast in his work. Swagruhi Jupiter in watery sign gives him wider understanding and in-depth knowledge about the arts field, as; it is placed in the fifth house of performance.

In 2001 when Jupiter was in the aspect of Stellium of many planets in Sagittarius in his chart, he did ocean’s 11, a film in which there were many reputed artists, like there are many planets in Sagittarius. He did `Troy’ when Jupiter was exactly in trine to his Venus and Saturn. `Troy’ gave him the opportunity to work on an altogether different subject too because at that point in time, transiting Jupiter was passing through 11th house and in aspect with Natal Jupiter posited in the fifth house.

Brad may be very understanding in matters of love but Jupiter is in the fifth house of love so he has a heart of gold for females, smiles Ganesha. Nevertheless, with his current planetary transits and Dasha in the year 2007, Brad may have more concern and focus on his own personality, career as well as personal life but Ganesha foresees him doing great work in the year 2008 again on a very challenging subject. Second half of 2008 is likely to be very active for him, says Ganesha. Brad also has a very positive time coming up again in 2010, by the Grace of Ganesha.

Ganesha wishes Brad Pitt a very good career and an improved performance ahead.

With Ganesha’s Grace,

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