How magnetic shall be the Kangana pull in the film I Love New Year? Ganesha reads the box office fortunes…

How magnetic shall be the Kangana pull in the film I Love New Year?

Along with one of the biggest films’ of the Indian film industry—Baahubali—another film is set to hit the theatres on 10th July 2015, and that is I Love New Year. Produced under the Super Cassettes Industries (T-Series) banner, the film has been in making for almost 3-4 years, and has faced delays in release twice. The film that was actually meant to be released a couple of years back had been rumoured to have been shelved. Originally titled Happy New Year, the film’s name was later changed, owing to an obvious clash with Shahrukh Khan’s film by the same name. I Love New Year, a romantic comedy, stars today’s Bollywood ‘queen’ bee Kanagana Ranaut and famous Punjabi macho man Sunny Deol. Here, Ganesha looks at the film’s release time chart to predict how this movie will perform at the box office. Read on.

‘I LOVE NEW YEAR’ 10th July 2015
Release Time Chart, Main Territory, Bombay


Astrological Observations

  • Ganesha notes that the film I Love New Year is releasing with the Leo Ascendant.
  • Jupiter, the 5th House of performance’s Lord is exalted in the 12th House in the film’s Release Time Chart.
  • Moon is in the 9th House of the Release Time Chart.
  • Venus, the 10th House of success’ Lord is in the Ascendant House of the Release Time Chart.
  • Mercury is swagruhi in the 11th House of gains with Sun and Mars.
  • Rahu is placed in the 2nd House of finances.

Astrological Predictions

  • As, the Lord of the 10th House of the Release Time Chart is placed in the Ascendant, it seems that the film I LOVE NY is going to record a good opening. It is likely to have a good business at the start and even during the week.
  • The Lord of the 5th House of performance – Jupiter is placed in the 12th House. This indicates that the performance of the actors may remain average.
  • The House of gain’s Lord, Mercury is swagruhi in the 11th House and Moon, the Lord of the 12th House of distant places is posited in the 9th House in the Release Time Chart. This indicates that this film may do good business in the overseas territories.
  • However, overall business of this movie may end up being just about moderate, due to Rahu’s unfavourable position in the 2nd House of its Release Time Chart.

Ganesha wishes good luck to the cast and crew of the film I Love New Year.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A .Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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