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Blame the planets for Shiney Ahuja’s shameful act

On screen, actor Shiney Ahuja has made out with a wide range of characters, from schizophrenic actresses to bar dancers. But never the maid. So, he decides to do one off screen (read: real life), where sex, especially the one that is without consent, can lead to a lot more complications than an occasional frown from an obscure part of the audience.

It seems that the Woh Lamhe actor chose to lose more than just his head when he decided to go ballistic on his maid. While he calls ‘woh lamhe’ consensual, the bai cries rape, and preliminary medical report more or less seconds her.

The media, National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Girija Vyas and Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan have already passed the verdict against the Gangster actor, even before the beginning of a court hearing on the case. Now, Ganesha explains the role of planets in Shiney’s indecent act:

Shiney Ahuja’s Surya Kundli
15th May, 1973
Delhi, India


  • Shiney just entered new solar return phase around his birthday
  • Transiting Saturn is aspecting his natal Mars
  • Natal Saturn and transiting Saturn are in square. Transiting Saturn is forming square with Venus, the significator of arts and Sun, the significator of glory!
  • Jupiter transits over natal Mars

  • He has Mars and Venus in square. Currently, Venus and Mars are conjunct in Aries, the 12th House from natal Sun. Twelfth House denotes sexual pleasures. Venus signifies love and Mars is the catalyst. Saturn with Venus in Shiney’s natal chart indicates the actor may have a relation with a person from the lower caste.
  • His image may be tarnished as Rahu is transiting over Jupiter while Saturn is forming square with Saturn.
  • On the positive side, Jupiter is transiting through the 10th House from Sun, so he may find a way to come out of this episode unharmed.
  • However, as currently there are more negative planets influencing his Sun and soon Mars as well as Venus will enter Taurus, Shiney will be under a lot of pressure.
  • As Sun is afflicted by transiting Saturn, the actor needs to settle the issue outside the court. Otherwise, he is likely to face legal punishment by October 2009.

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