Audience to keep a distance from Yeh Faasle, predicts Ganesha

most of the producers in Bollywood are postponing the release of
their films due to the cricket hysteria, the team of ‘Yeh Faasle’ is
all set to brave the odds. The film, which releases on 4th
March, 2011, has a promising star-cast, which assures to live up to
audience’s expectations. The story revolves around a girl and the man
she loves the most – her father. However, there are few mysteries
about her father and her mother who died at a very young age. As she
determines to unravel the mystery, she ends up straining her
relations with her father, her role model. Directed by Yogesh Mittal
and produced by Om Prakash Mittal, the suspense factor in the film
will keep the audience hooked to their seats. While Anupam Kher and
Tena Desae in the lead role, the film also stars Pawan Malhotra,
Rushad Rana, Suhasini Mulay, Seema Biswas and Kiran Kumar.

Today, when promotional gimmicks and interaction of the
actors in a film with the viewers has become nearly mandatory, ‘Yeh
Faasle’s’ team seems to be lacking in this department. Will ‘Yeh
Faasle’ come anywhere close to success when the cricket mania has
gripped the nation? With the help of Vedic Astrology, Ganesha finds
out the fate of the film at the Box Office.

March, 2011

Faasley’s Release time chart
India’s major territory


  • Ascendant
    Lord Mars is in the 11th
    House and exalted in the Navmansha chart.

  • Venus
    is in the 10th
    House, but Lord of the 10th
    House – Saturn, is retrograde and placed in the 6th

  • Rahu is placed in Bhagya Bhuvan.

  • Jupiter
    aspects Lord of the 10th
    House Saturn – being the Lord of the 9th
    House and 12th

  • Moon, Mars and Sun are in Rahu’s constellation


  • This
    film is firmly going ahead with the fixed release date. In fact,
    Ganesha had a very strong doubt if it will release on 4th
    March, 2011.

  • The
    release time chart doesn’t look very encouraging with three planets
    (including Moon) in Rahu’s constellation. Moreover, Rahu is in the
    Bhagya Bhuvan and Lord of the 10th
    House – Saturn is retrograde. All these factors indicate a poor
    start at box office.

  • Ganesha feels that this film may do fairly well
    overseas, but for India, there are least probabilities of this film
    doing well.

  • With Venus in the Kendra Sthaan (on an angle) we can
    expect good performance, but not a good business from this film.

  • As
    per Chaldean Numerology Yeh Faasley totals down to 33, which boils
    down to a single digit 6 ruled by Venus, the significator of arts.
    However, as the release date is 4th
    and destiny number of the release date is 2, Ganesha doesn’t find
    this Numerological factor favouring the film.

  • As Mercury is in Air sign and is in Jupiter’s
    constellation, plus there are three planets in Rahu’s constellation,
    Ganesha feels that storyline would be good and there may be suspense
    element in the film, which would keep the audience hooked.

  • Despite some good qualities, Ganesha feels that this
    film will do below average at the box office, and will run in odd
    show-timings for sometime.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless cast and crew of
‘Yeh Faasley’.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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