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OMG! Arun Govil On Big Screen!

OMG! Arun Govil On Big Screen!

Arun Govil, who played Lord Rama in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, will reprise his role as Lord Rama in the sequel of OMG 2 alongside Akshay Kumar. While Arun Govil’s Bollywood career remains uncertain, the public is keen to see him reprise the role. So, how would Arun Govil’s upcoming voyage be? Let’s have a look at his Surya Kundli-

Ordinary Future Despite Outstanding Performance

Due to Arun Govil’s Mars in its own sign, his performance as Lord Ram would be brimming with life. Venus is retrograde in his astrological chart, and Chandal Dosh is also being formed because of Jupiter and Rahu conjunction. As a result, Arun Govil’s Bollywood future seems uncertain. He will put his heart and soul into his upcoming projects. He may have a distinct edge during this performance in OMG 2.

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