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Ganesha finds the Arjun-Mehr bond to be a much stronger one and advises them to stick together…

Ganesha finds the Arjun-Mehr bond to be a much stronger one and advises them to stick together…

Even if things progress between Arjun and Suzanne, Ganesha feels that substantially, the bond doesn’t have much of a future!
There have been a lot of rumours, reports and buzz-stories about the personal life of Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia and even if half of the news churned out by the rumour-buzz factory are true, then there surely seems to be great trouble brewing between the glamourous couple! On the other hand, what makes for spicier news, is the rumours of a link-up or some romantic connection between Arjun, and Sussane – who has recently ended her 13-year old marriage to the actor who is called the ‘Greek God’ – Hrithik Roshan! So, in short, it all seems complicated and tricky and the guessing game is still going on. But what do the stars of the celebrities say? What could be the possibilities? Will the Arjun-Mehr bond remain intact, or will we witness a new episode? Let’s find out!

Suzanne Khan’s 
26 October, 1978

Mehr Jessia Rampal
30 November, 1970

Arjun Rampal
26 November, 1972


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As per Vedic Astrology System, Arjun and Mehr both are born with Sun in the same sign. In Arjun and Mehr’s chart, Venus – the significator of love is in Libra sign but Mehr’s Venus is retrograde which indicates possibility of disappointment in love/relationship/conjugal life. The strongest point in their relationship is both are born with Mars and Venus in the same sign. Mehr’s Jupiter is in Libra sign which indicates that her wisdom can help keep this relationship going well, and that she may act as the balancing figure in the relationship.

Before November 2014, Saturn was transiting over Venus and Mars conjunction in Arjun and Mehr’s charts. Mars is the catalyst, Venus signifies love and Saturn is the planet of disappointment, sadness and slow down. This impacted their relationship heavily. Post November 2014, Saturn is transiting over Sun in both the charts. Sun and Saturn are enemies, which is why their relationship is under the dark clouds at present.

Transiting Jupiter has been keeping things under control, and due to its benefic influence, things have still been fine. In the Charts of both Arjun and Mehr, the Natal Venus and Mars happen to be in a Papakartari position due to them being hemmed between the transiting Saturn and Rahu. This is an additional reason why the flames are being fanned!

  • Both are number 8 natives. Suzanne’s date of birth is 26 and Arjun’s date of birth is also 26 which will total to 8. This is a strong contact point between both of them. They find each other to be pretty similar from many angles, that’s why they share good rapport with each other. Again, Suzanne is also born with Venus in Libra, same as Arjun but her Venus too is retrograde like Mehr’s, which is one of the reasons why she couldn’t sustain her relationship with Hrithik.
  • Her Mars is in Scorpio falling on Arjun’s Sun. Currently Saturn is transiting through Scorpio sign. This factor indicates that fire that is presumably there between both of them is going to cool down while Saturn operates through Scorpio during next 2 ½ years. In other words, things will automatically pacify and it may be painful too for both of them.
  • As Arjun is born with Guru-Rahu Chandaal Yoga, he will be surrounded by controversies or will be have to face defamation due to relationship with females.

  • Astrologically speaking, Mehr and Arjun’s planetary combinations are stronger as compared to Suzanne and Arjun’s planetary combinations. If Suzanne and Arjun decide to unite as a couple, they are most likely to face major issues in their relationship and it would be fiery too because Suzanne’s strong Mars falls on Arjun’s Sun (both are fiery planets). There may also be conflict of power between both of them and ‘who is the boss around here?’ kind of problems.
  • With Mehr, even if relationship becomes bit complex, Arjun will be able to live life more happily where as in his relationship with Suzanne, there may also be problems related to expectations in love and general understanding.

Summarily, Ganesha feels that it would be good if Arjun and Suzanne keep the attraction or infatuation (if any) in check, as the planetary transits during next 2 ½ years are going to be stressful, specifically for Arjun and Mehr. No decision should be taken because of minor misunderstandings or frustration.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team