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Another feather in Steven Spielberg’s Cap

Another feather in Steven Spielberg’s Cap

Hollywood films’ director as well as producer Steven Allan Spielberg was born on 18th December 1946 in Cincinnati Ohio, USA with rising Gemini Ascendant. Ascendant Lord Mercury is situated in the sixth house and Mercury is placed in the second house from Moon. This combination is favourable for him, which gives him good understanding, ability to undertake, will power, mental set, aptitude and powerful communication etc. Moreover, Ascendant is being aspected by powerful Mars and Sun. There is conjunction between Jupiter and Venus in fifth house of art and Knowledge. Because of this combination, he is a successful producer and director. His films have touched many themes and genres.

Having a powerful Mars in his chart, he is active, dynamic, willing to fight, and courageous beating every obstacle in his path. Mars is in Sagittarius fiery sign, which is playing an important role in his life. It provides him effective energy and enthusiasm in life. Due to powerful 5th house, which is also one of his leading houses and indicate arts, drama, hobbies and sports, games including speculation and all kind of entertainment are fields that he actually takes seriously. Moreover, the presence of Venus in the fifth house gives accomplishment in all the film.

In his birth chart, 5th house is the most important to get success in film industry. Having a powerful well-placed Venus and Jupiter in fifth house, he has been achieving high amount of success. He is creative and innovative and he is always finding different kind of story. His films are effective. Benefice planet Jupiter brings success. Moon is aspecting the Mars. This is forming Raj Yoga, which gives wealth. Due to powerful planetary transit, he has been nominated for six Academy Awards for the category of Best Director.

He is currently passing through major period of Ketu and sub period of Venus till end of next year 2008. This indicates that he will get more success in director and producer field. Sun and Mars will be under the powerful natural benefice planet Jupiter’s transit. Hence, Next year would be fruitful for him. He will be honoured with the lifetime achievement award at the sixth annual Visual Effects Society awards next February. He will produce other attractive films, which will appeal lots of people. All in all planetary transit indicates that the coming year would be encouraging for his professional life. He will have better environment of motivation and appreciation in next year.

Ganesha wishes all the name and fame in his life!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,