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Angelina should better be off ‘guard’

Angelina should better be off ‘guard’

There are rumors of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship going haywire. The reason is Angelina’s growing likeness for her bodyguard. She even calls him `Chisel’. This relationship nurtured when Jolie put him on duty for everyday outings. Sources close to the couple say that strains can be seen in Brangelina’s relationship. Ganesha analyzes Angelina’s horoscope to predict the future of this gorgeous couple of Hollywood.

In 1992 famous singer Whitney Houston had appeared in a movie named `Bodyguard’ with renowned actor/director Kevin Costner. Ganesha remembers the story of that movie while reading news about Brad Pitt’s dearest darling Angelina Jolie getting closer to her `bodyguard’ whom she calls `Chisel.’

Angelina Jolie’s Horoscope and it’s Analysis

Angelina Jolie:

Date of birth 4th June, 1975
Time of birth 9:09 AM
Place of Birth Los Angeles (CA) (USA)

Angelina is born with `A mighty heart’ as she is born with Cancer Ascendant. She has Venus in the Ascendant, which indicates that she is quite sentimental by nature. It is to be noted that this mighty heart actress was married twice before. Her first life partner was Jonny (Jonathan) Lee Miller who was to replace James Bond Pierce Brosnan for Casino Royale but unfortunately Daniel Craig got the role. Angelina and Jonny Lee Miller were partners from 1996 to 1999. After this, she was with Billy Bob Thornton American screenwriter, actor, as well as occasional director from 2000 to 2003. In 2005, this `Tomb Rider’ married to Brad Pitt.

Technical Analysis:
It is to be noted that Angelina has Venus in the Ascendant in a Watery Sign Cancer, giving her strong desire to settle down in life but it also gives fluidity in case of love and relationship matters. Moreover, she has Venus in the Ascendant of Navmansha chart too, so she is highly influenced by Venus. Her seventh house of partnership’s Lord Saturn is in Gemini a `Dual Sign’ in the 12th house of Natal chart but thank God it is in Taurus- a fixed and earth sign in the Navmansha chart, which is the saving factor. Venus- the significator of love possesses 5 Auspicious Bindus in Ashtakvarga, so she needs strong affection in case of love matters.

Currently, she is passing through Venus major period and sub period of Jupiter which will end on 23-07-2008. Ensuing sub period is of Saturn ruling till 22-09-2011. From end of April 2008, transiting Rahu will be passing through Capricorn, seventh house of marriage in her case and transiting Ketu will be passing over Natal Venus. It is to be noted that Venus is at present debilitated and in exchange with Mercury, in transit, while this issue of her doubtful intimacy with bodyguard `Chisel’ has become the cause of concern for the world as well for Brad Pitt, her spouse.

Forecast for the matter in view:
Ganesha notes that transiting Jupiter has complete control over seventh house Lord Saturn in her chart, at present. Hence, her relationship with Chisel her Bodyguard may be a `Wuthering Sound’ and nothing more than that. Astrologically, she may not be emotionally attached, rather dependant on the said bodyguard. Angelina Jolie fans do not need to worry and Ganesha doesn’t expect any heartburn to her fans with this so called relationship.

However, Ganesha notes that period starting from July 2008 to September 2009 may be slightly strenuous for her relationship with Brad Pitt during which she may need to be careful of rumors too. In other words, this phase is slightly fragile for her relationship with Brad Pitt.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless Angelina Jolie with stable personal life.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,