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All is NOT well for Rani, says Ganesha

All is NOT well for Rani, says Ganesha

The Bong beauty with a gifted acting talent and sexy husky voice, Rani Mukherjee is probably one of the most successful actors in Bollywood. The ‘Rani’ of Bollywood started off her career with ‘Raja ki aayegi baraat’. But, it was the film ‘Ghulam’ in which she truly wooed the audience. The ever smiling queen of tinseltown has given a string of hit films in her career, but has not been successful in creating the same magic in her last few films. Luck seems to be playing hide and seek with her. Once a favourite of every film-maker, today, Rani seems to have become an exclusive ‘Yashraj’ heroine.Will the coming year bring along success for Rani? Ganesha takes the aid of Vedic Astrology System to find out:

Ganesha observes her Surya Kundli and notes that Venus is exalted and Mercury is debilitated in Pisces in the 1st House. Moreover, natal Sun and Ketu are also posited in the same House. Debilitated Mars is conjunct with natal Moon in Cancer. Retrograde Saturn is posited in Magha-1 constellation.

Ganesha notes that her natal Rahu is posited in Hasta constellation. Transiting Saturn will be approaching the same constellation between September and December 2010. Thus, she will face a tough time in her profession during this period. Stress levels are likely to rise. Her decisions regarding finance and career will go wrong. Ganesha advises her to remain self-possessed and to improve her work.

Jupiter will transit over Rani’s natal Sun and Venus between May and July 2010. During this period she will have a positive attitude towards life. However, Ganesha advises her not to be over-confident. During this phase, she will continue to exert her energy and authority either in government or public life. She may also contribute her efforts in social life by giving charity and donations. Thus, she will be able to earn good credit and public acceptance.

She will remain under the influence of Mars’ return till 30th April 2010. She is likely to get a better chance to prove her abilities. This will encourage her to put up more efforts. However, she must work hard in order to tackle situations, says Ganesha.

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