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Mercury Mahadasha will ensure a longer run in films and success on small screen for Nagarjuna!

Mercury Mahadasha will ensure a longer run in films and success on small screen for Nagarjuna!

Nagarjuna will have to be especially careful in the month of November 2016, as his health may take an unexpected turn; He may come up with some ambitious projects post August 2016.Akkineni Nagarjuna Rao or simply Nagarjuna – the phenomenal star of South-Indian Cinema, is one of the greatest stars the industry has ever produced! With fantastic films, superb performances, a brilliant dialogue-delivery style, this stylish actor with truckloads of talent and potential has been successful at winning more than a million hearts around the world. Born in Chennai, this sensational star grew up in Hyderababad and studied in the Hyderabad Public School. After getting his Bachelor of Engineering degree in the College of Engineering, Guindy, he completed his M.S. in Automobile Engineering from Eastern Michigan University. He is married to Amala Akkineni and has two sons – Naga Chaitanya and Akhil. Coming back to films, who can forget his intense performances in the films like Annamacharya, Sri Ramadasu, Geetanjali amongst various others? This actor who has won 2 National Film Awards, 9 state Nandi awards and 3 Filmfare Awards South, is also popular for his television works, charity endeavours and lot more! Let’s take an astrological ride through the Horoscope of Nagarjuna and get an idea of the designs of destiny…

Akkineni Nagarjuna
29th August, 1959
00 hours 27 min.
Chennai, India


Natal Promise:Ganesha observes that in Nagarjuna’s Chart, Venus – the Ascendant Lord is conjunct with the Lord of the 4th House–the Sun. This creates a powerful Raj Yoga.The placement of the Sun in the Sign of Leo, which is its Swakshetra, indicates that Nagarjuna is born to be under the spotlight. Venus is Retrograde and is Debilitated in the Navamsha Chart. But the highlight here is that the same Venus happens to be the Cuspal Sub-Lord of the 10th House, and this gives him good result in the field of arts and creativity.Jupiter and Mars are exalted in the Navamsha Chart, rendering tremendous power to his Chart. Mercury and the Moon are in exchange. As this exchange happens between the 2nd House and 3rd House, he would earn great wealth due to not only his hard work but also due to his intellect and smartness. This exchange also explains his skill and flair in dialogue delivery. Ganesha observes that in his Sarvashtakvarga Chart, the 11th House gains 34 auspicious Bindus and 10th house has 25 auspicious Bindus. This indicates that he will generally gain much more out of the hard work that he puts in. He is a person who is shrewd and smart, with an ability to get the best results out of each effort. He would make sure that no effort goes in vain and that each action is rewarded well.


The Current Mahadasha (major period) and Antardasha (sub period):
Ganesha observes that Nagarjuna is under the influence of Mercury major period and sub period of Venus which will rule till 9th July, 2016. In his Natal Chart, Mercury is the Lord of the 2nd House and 5th House and it is in an exchange with the auspicious luminary – the Moon, so on the whole, the Mercury Mahadasha is likely to give him favourable results. On the other hand, the Antarsdasha Lord Venus is Retrograde and Debilitated in the Navamsha Chart, so in his films releasing/released before 9th July, 2016, his performance will not be appreciated as expected. He will need to pay attention to his health while this period operates, because Venus is Retrograde in his Chart.The period between 9th July, 2016, and 15th May, 2017, will be highly favourable for him because then, the Sun Antardasha (sub period) will be operating and Sun is Swagruhi in his Chart. In the Sun Antardasha, we can expect him to shine in the public sphere and he may be more actively taking part in various events.

Ganesha observes that Jupiter will be transiting over his natal Venus and Sun till 11th August, 2016.Rahu will be transiting over his Natal Sun and Venus for a period of 18 months, starting 30th January, 2016.These planetary transits are indicating a challenging period for his career and financial investments till August 2017. Nagarjuna will have to be extra careful while planning his projects as a producer during the next 1 ½ years starting 30th January, 2016. During this period, he will also have to avoid getting into clashes/arguments with government authorities as Rahu will be transiting over his Natal Sun.In November 2016, he will have to take good care of his health as Rahu will be degreecally transiting over his Natal Venus. So health issues, if any, will get more intense in this month. When Jupiter transits over his Natal Mars and Rahu through the 5th House post 11th August, 2016, he will be coming up with some novel and very creative ideas. Projects/production work that he takes up after 11th August, 2016, will be very good and very ambitious but he is likely to face delays in those projects.

His small screen presence is going to go long way because Mercury major period is in force. Even if he starts some television serial (either stars in it or he produces/directs) it will do well.The planets indicate great longevity for Nagarjuna’s association with the small screen, as the Mercury major period will be in operation for many more years. Even if he starts some television serial, program or show, (either he stars in it or produces/directs it), it will do well.

Ganesha feels that despite some challenges as indicated by the Dashas (planetary periods) and planetary transits, Nagarjuna is going to remain in the limelight and will keep progressing well.

Ganesha wishes good luck to Nagarjuna.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team