Agneepath shall open to full houses, predicts Ganesha.

when Bollywood is unabashedly and candidly looking at its own past
for inspirations and motivation, remakes of successful Bollyood
oldies are a norm. Amidst such a scenario, it was but natural that
Karan Johar, the film-maker par excellence, chose to recreate his
late father Yash Johar’s masterpiece Agneepath.
The movie, when originally released in the year 1990, had failed to
woo the audiences to the theatres. However, it acquired a cult status
in the years that followed.

the many years when he ruled the cine-screens across India, the
original superstar of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan played myriad roles
with innumerable shades, all, but few, essayed to perfection. And,
the fact that the

himself calls his role in the critically acclaimed Agneepath
as one of his ‘best and most challenging’ says it all.

the latest version of this highly talked about classic (that releases
with the same name), the iconic character Vijay
Deenanath Chauhan

is being essayed by Hrithik Roshan. Whether Hrithik Roshan manages to
match (or even exceed) up to Amitabh’s towering performance in the
original is yet to be seen. With movies like Lakshya,
and Guzaarish
his credit, Hrithik seems to fit the bill
No wonder, the audiences have pinned their hopes on him and the

famous role in the original played by Danny Denzongpa, the menacing,
grotesque Kancha Cheena, is being enacted by Sanjay Dutt in the
remake. With this role, Sanjay Dutt is expected to redefine the role
of a villain in Bollywood cinema. The sizzling Priyanka Chopra
features as the leading lady in the movie. And, as has now become
almost the norm in modern cinema, an item number too has been added
in the remake for good measure, Chikni

enacted by Katrina Kaif.

Will the remake live
up to the original Agneepath? Will Hrithik adeptly handle the mammoth
task of enchanting the audiences with his performance and dialogue
delivery? Ganesha finds out with the help of Vedic astrology.

release time chart f
India’s major territory

date:- 26
January 2012


  • Agneepath
    is releasing with Venus and Moon in Aquarius Ascendant. Lord of the
    Ascendant Saturn is placed in the House of luck and it is exalted.
    Moreover, it is in exchange with Bhagya Bhuvan Lord Venus which is
    Yogakaraka planet for Aquarius Ascendant.

  • Karma
    Bhuvan Lord Mars is retrograde in fiery sign Leo.

  • Rahu
    is placed in the Karma Bhuvan.

  • 2nd
    House of finance?s Lord Jupiter is aspected by the Lagna Lord


  • As
    Yogakaraka planet Venus in the release time chart is well placed and
    it is in exchange with Ascendant Lord, Ganesha feels that Agneepath
    is going to receive very warm response at the box office.

  • Opening
    of the first day and first weekend?s business will be very good.
    Expect house-full boards in many territories.

  • Performance
    of all the actors will be good but aggression would overpower the
    glamour shown in the movie as retrograde Mars is aspecting the
    Ascendant, Venus and Moon.

  • Ganesha
    feels that this film?s business for first two weeks would be very

  • Due
    to Rahu?s position in the 10th
    House, the film may be criticized too, despite which the business
    shall be good, feels Ganesha.

  • Overseas
    business will also be equally good as 12th
    Lord Saturn is placed in it?s sign of exaltation plus is in
    exchange with Venus the Lord of the 9th
    House as well as the Yogakaraka for Aquarius Ascendant.

wishes all the luck to the cast and crew of Agneepath.


N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team

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