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Aftab and Minissha: A New Love Story of Bollywood Unfolds

Aftab and Minissha: A New Love Story of Bollywood Unfolds

A new Bollywood love story unfolds. Or does it? But going by the look of things, it’s a sure shot. Actors Aftab Shivadasani and Minissha Lamba walked in together at a NoBo nightclub-cum-restaurant on Saturday, post-midnight in Mumbai. Ganesha would like to focus on their affiliation. Ganesha throws light on the compatibility between the two lovebirds.Aftab was born on 25th June 1978 in Mumbai with Aquarius Moon sign. Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are Swagruhi in his birth chart. There are influential aspect between Mars and Moon. This indicates that he is sensitive and emotional. However this is a good combination for wealth. Whereas, Manisha Lamba was born on 1st January 1985 in Delhi with Aries sign.

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Well-situated Venus gives her good interest to be a Model. At present, she is a well-placed model in Indian modelling industry.. There are trine of Jupiter and Moon. Swagruhi Jupiter is aspecting Moon. Aftab’s Sun sign is cancer whereas her Sun sign is Capricorn. Which means the ratio of Sun sign is in 1:7 indicating Samsaptak yoga of Sun sign. Because of this, there would be strong relation between Aftab and Minissha. Considering this, Ganesha feels that love relation will boost between both of them. Aftab’s Mars is in Leo while her Venus is in Aquarius denoting that there will be long-lasting relation. Relation will get better day-by-day.

Lord Ganesha blesses this cute couple.

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