Astrological Predictions for Aamir Khan & Lal Singh Chaddha

Astrological Predictions for Aamir Khan & Lal Singh Chaddha

The shooting schedule of Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha with Kareena Kapoor has just wrapped up. The film is said to be a Hindi remake of the English film Forrest Gump. How will Aamir’s planets affect the success of the movie? We analysed the horoscope of Aamir Khan to understand his success in the future.

Amir Khan’s Surya Kundli

Aamir was born on March 14, 1965, in Mumbai. His arrival in the entertainment industry is no coincidence. In Aamir’s Surya Kundli, Sun, Venus and Saturn are in the first house, which is the house opposite of Mars. This face-off between Mars and Venus gives him the ability to excel in the entertainment industry. Along with this, the Moon is placed in its own sign. The placement of the Moon makes the financial position strong.

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The time of 2022 can be said to be good for Aamir as compared to 2021 because Jupiter would transit over three significant planets of his horoscope. This is likely to create success like no other for him.

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