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A smooth path indicated for Aamir till 23rd July, 2016; post then, things may again get tricky…

A smooth path indicated for Aamir till 23rd July, 2016; post then, things may again get tricky…

Aamir Khan has been through various experiences in the past few months, especially after he stirred the ‘intolerance’ debate with his controversial statements in the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards event. Currently, the situation seems to have cooled down and the actor is busy working on his much talked about next – Dangal, in which he will be seen portraying the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat – the beefy wrestler. What do the stars indicate about his journey in the months to come? Will he be able to stay away from controversies or do the planets have to say something else? Let’s tag along Ganesha and find out…

Aamir Khan

Date of Birth:- 14th March,
1965Time of Birth:- 06.15 A.M.
Place of Birth:- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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  • Rahu-Ketu will be transiting over the 1st House-7th House axis during the next 1 ½ years.
  • Jupiter and Rahu’s combined journey through the 7th House of his Chart will be till 11th August, 2016, after which, Jupiter will be transiting through the 8th house of his chart, that is in the Sign of Virgo.
  • Saturn will be transiting through the 10th house of his chart, where Ketu is placed.
  • Sun major period and sub period of Jupiter will rule till 23rd July, 2016, followed by sub period of Saturn.

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  • Period till 23rd July, 2016, will be good for Aamir Khan. Ganesha foresees a relatively smooth period for him and he may be able to wade through without his feathers getting ruffled. He will be doing well at the career front. He may though be surrounded by controversies due to Rahu’s transit through the 7th house, But for the Rahu mischief, his film career will go on well.

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Stormy Times…

  • Ganesha feels that the period after 23rd July, 2016, will be full of struggle for him. Possessiveness, insecurity and inflexibility will increase, which will hinder his progress. Being rigid and adamant won’t help, says Ganesha. Instead he will have to adopt a flexible and more circumspect approach.

Health is Wealth…

  • He will need to take good care of his health due to Saturn’s transit over Natal Ketu. He will have to stay away from risky situations and will have to avoid dangerous stunts.

Marital Paradise:

  • Ganesha foresees some troubles between Aamir and Kiran in the coming year due to the adverse transit of Rahu and Ketu and he will have to be on the guard till the next eighteen months. There may a some issues in communication as well, due to Aamir’s Mercury being under negative influences.

  • The current planetary alignment in the Horoscope of Aamir doesn’t appear to be too positive to Ganesha. There are chances of increase in mood swings, due to the constant feeling of dissatisfaction brewing from within.

The Last Quarter of 2016 – Period of Joy…

  • Last quarter of 2016 is going to remain good for him and will keep him in the limelight, says Ganesha. His films may do considerably well and he may remain surrounded by a lot of activity.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team