A challenging year ahead for the confident actress Jiah Khan, says Ganesha.

against the grain is never easy; being unconventional requires
exceptional courage. And, when it comes to the beginning of a career,
most would want to play it safe. However, Jiah Khan, the UK based
Indian actress, chose to be different. All of eighteen years, she
debuted opposite the much-older Bollywood super-hero Amitabh Bachchan
in the year 2006. The movie was the very controversial Nishabd!
film failed to work its magic at the box office, but it did bring
confident Jiah recognition and limelight, especially in form of a
Best D?butante

nomination. The movie's atypical plot, dissimilar to the usual
formula films, did generate a lot of hype. But, did the same result
in young and decidedly talented Jiah getting branded for the times to
come? Maybe! Jiah, of sensuous curly mane and large, expressive eyes,
did feature in a few films including Ghajini
but largely failed to make a mark.

has completed A
levels in Film Studies and Literature from London, and it seems that
there's much more to her than her sensuous looks. What has stopped
her from making it big in the Indian Film industry? Will she be
dismissed as yet another pretty young thing? As she celebrates her
birthday on 20th
February 2012, Ganesha, with the help of Vedic Astrology, looks at
the natal chart of this hot actress with immense yet untapped


of birth:- 20
February 1988

of birth:- Unavailable

of birth:- New York, NY, USA

Khan Surya Kundli


  • Jiah Khan is
    born with an exalted Venus with Moon. Both are in Revati
    constellation, and that fact makes her a beautiful and good actress.

  • Sun is placed
    with Rahu, so she is born with Surya Grahan Yog.

  • Jupiter and
    Mars are in exchange.

  • Currently
    Rahu is transiting through the 10th
    House from Natal Sun and Rahu.

  • Jupiter and
    Ketu will conjunct in Taurus post May 2012, and will form Square
    with her Natal Sun and Rahu.

  • Saturn will be
    transiting over Natally retrograde Pluto.


  • Jiah Khan's
    birth chart indicates that she is an actress with good potential.
    However, the year ahead doesn't seem to be very good for her.

  • Grahan Yoga of
    Surya and Rahu may not allow her to reach the desired position in
    Bollywood, feels Ganesha.

  • Saturn's
    transit over Pluto indicates that she may suffer from depression or
    inferiority complex during the year ahead as she might come across
    people with higher calibre than her, during the year ahead. This may
    make her feel that she has to learn a lot to achieve her career

  • As there are
    many hard aspects taking place in her chart during 2012, she may not
    find suitable projects or she might be dropped out from films during
    the year ahead.

  • During
    the year ahead, she will have to work very hard to get quality work.
    She might have to appear for more auditions to keep her name alive
    in Bollywood, else she may be lost in time and become Nishabd.

  • In short, year
    ahead looks set to be quite challenging for Jiah Khan, says Ganesha.

  • The only
    months which look good for her are February and March 2012. If all
    goes well, then the 2013 may bring good news for Jiah's career.

Ganesha wishes
Jiah many happy returns of the day in advance.

Bhavesh N.
GaneshaSpeaks Team