2nd November - Shahrukh Khan Celebrates his Birthday

Shahrukh Khan's
Don was very much in the pre-release hype but it was a big let down not
only for Shahrukh but for audiences as well. Kabhi Alvida Na Kahena too
didn't do so well while Shahrukh had Saturn Square his Natal Sun.
Shahrukh had a slightly difficult time with this aspect so both of his
films didn't do well. Plus these films were not released on very
favourable dates.

Shahrukh is entering a very active time in life. His time to do better
films has come and Ganesha assures that he will be doing better films
in 2007. He might also be choosier about subjects, feels Ganesha.

half of 2007 is going to be much better for Shahrukh, so in the first
half of the year, he may be busy with shooting of what is to be
released in the second half. Even at this age, Shahrukh may work harder
to sharpen his skills, in his own good manner.

Good days are ahead, best wishes to Shahrukh.


Ganesha's Grace,