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Astrology has spread its wings across the world today and more and more people are following this science of soothsaying. For their troubles and tribulations, people seek help of astrologers. GaneshaSpeaks, the leading astrological services provider, has grown into one of the most favourite destinations for astrological guidance. Ganesha follows Indian Vedic Astrology principles in delivering predictions. Here, Ganesha is giving yearly prediction for each moon sign. These predictions have strong connection with stock market and its position. If you have a burning desire to take a plunge in the stock market or if you are already an active intraday player, these predictions can help you a lot. The article is not only confined to the forecast but also deals with the remedy to overcome your troubles.

(November 2007 – October 2008) Mesh

You might be taken for a ride as you are kind-hearted, and therefore, if you are on your guard, there won’t be any problem. But Ganesha can see much loss in share/stock till April 2008. After December, some profit is on the cards if you trade with companies listed in foreign stock markets. You may be in tight corners due to your children and financial issues, and this can create some illusion for you. This might lead you to loss in share market, so look before you leap in trading.

Worship Surya Yantra, Gayatri Mantra can also help, chant Aditya Hraday

Pakshal the statue of Shri Padmaprabhu, Ekasna for 21 days

(November 2007 – October 2008) Vrushabh

You are extra careful and therefore, you tend to tense up immediately. But besides job, if you are in share market, be careful. There are chances of change in job, house and vehicle, and this mental stress can add to your anxiety. Till May 1, 2008, you need to ensure that your money is not eroded.

Navchandi Path, Installation of Shree Yantra, donation of white articles

Pakshal the statue of Shree Suvidhinath and count the string in his name for six times a day

(November 2007 – October 2008)

You are very practical but sometimes, you take time in taking decision and stay in two minds. You miss the bus while pondering over which script to trade in and whether to buy first or sell. But don’t get demoralized as new opportunities are coming from February 3, 2008 and they will be crucial in your life. This will chart path for the next decade. To get more benefit, here is the remedy.

Worship Goddess Durga, Vishnusahastra Path, Dhoop at twilight

Worship Shree Shantinath with Vaskshep or chant mantra “Om Hreem Namo Ujzayanam”

(November 2007 – October 2008)Kark

You are attached to the script in your portfolio, and therefore, you are unable to sell out them at right time and you lose money. From August 1, 2008, your problems may rise, so be careful. As you are emotional, you are in the habit of sharing others’ agonies. If you are faced with any familial problem during this year, you would try to handle it quietly.

Shower raw milk on Shivling, chant mantra of moon, and shower the Shivling with sugarcane juice

Worship the statue of Shree Chandraprabhu with rice

(November 2007 – October 2008)Simha

Ganesha appreciates your grip on the market; your trading is backed by serious thinking. From January, Ganesha is with you, so do not worry, but be careful. The phase between February 21, 2008 and March 21, 2008, and August 1, 2008 and September 1, 2008 needs much attention. There may be change in ideas; negative thinking may rise. Some physical problems are on the cards. Try to control your mind and soul from now.

Worship Peepal tree. Offer wheat and jaggery to cow, have a Brahmin recite Maitrasukta of Rudri

Install the Yantra of Shree Parshwanath Prabhu and Pakshal the same

(November 2007 – October 2008)Kanya

You are good at finding more and instant profit in the market, and to identify which script is technically sound is your forte. It’s time to be cautious for those who are earning from share market. The time may make hole in your pocket by legal or other problems from government. Effects of Panoti are likely, but Ganesha is with you and therefore, you are advised to change the place of house, vehicle or profession in a positive manner.

Chant the mantra “Om Namo Vishnavenamah” and Havan with bila

Kindle the lamp (Deepak) before the statue of Shree Mahaveer Swami facing north or east

(November 2007 – October 2008)Tula

Progress is the motto of your life and a quality of balance is exclusively visible in different scripts. Make sure that you are not running into loss due to your carelessness or over-confidence. Following the advice of Ganesha, you can earn handsome amount of wealth this year. Unexpected profit is on the cards. You may experience a new change in business. There are some hurdles after May 1, 2008, but if you start remedial measures from now, you will be able to overcome the stumbling blocks with ease.

Worship Mahalaxmi and offer maximum Pooja to your Kuldevi

Offer Dhoop to the statue of Goddess Padmavati and worship Shree Yantra of alum

(November 2007 – October 2008)Vrushik

Whether you are in a job or a business, you will be looking for a new place. You may have to change the address of your residence or business, or at least you may have to shift the table. The days of peace and happiness are over, not you will have to work hard to taste sweet fruits of success. But with the grace of Ganesha, there will be increase in your family or wealth. Auspicious time starts from January 2008 for those who are intraday players or share market investors. Sometimes your bad vibes or a hidden fear might force you to take your money back from a profitable script.

Recite Sankatnathan strot and Atharvashish, offer laddus made from wheat flour to Ganesha.

Pakshal Shree Vastupujya Swami, chant mantra with coral (Parwala) string.

(November 2007 – October 2008)Dhan

You are as heated as Parshuram and as intelligent as Chanakya, therefore you are good at getting desired result in preferred script. But you might run into a loss in haste, so control your emotions and get good results. You are likely to visit a holy place. You may have to face financial problems and may feel that luck does not favour you. But after February 10, 2008 everything seems favourable and auspicious to you. Therefore don’t worry and express gratitude to Ganesha.

Worship Shree Rushabhdev Prabhu, apply Tilak of saffron

Recite Duttbavani, take food items of yellow colour after Pooja

(November 2007 – October 2008)Makar

You are extra-careful and have a strong sense of security. Your every adventure is based on meticulous calculation; this is your distinctive quality. But after February 7, 2008, even small things seem to stump you. You can feel that you are not supported by anyone and this might shake your faith in God. A string of problems might harass you, but keep faith in Lord Ganesha. Only Ganesha can help you by keeping you busy in tasks and He will show you path to success.

Recite Hanuman Chalisa, worship Lord Shiv, Dhoop of Googal (a kind of fragrant gum), and offer food to old beggar on Saturday.

Worship Shree Munisuvrat Prabhu, mark out a Swastik of rice before Prabhu

(November 2007 – October 2008)Kumbh

You are stable in disposition and piling up strength is your nature. But you are bit impatient and stand firm on prices of the script. You are advised to get rid of this pushiness. On August 18, 2008, you will be gripped by unnecessary mental stress and negative thoughts would not allow you to have a sound sleep during the night. But friends, no such events will occur in your life so stay cool and perform the below-mentioned remedy. Your friends, uncle or your elder brothers will help you.

Recite Sankatmochan Hanumashtak, Sundarkand, keep fast on Saturday, put on eleven-faced Rudraksh.

Worship Kalpvruksh Yantra and Ghantakarna Mahaveer.

(November 2007 – October 2008)Meen

After May 10, 2008 you will have to be careful during intraday in share market. Ensure that your money is not stuck in wrong script or tips. Your profits seem to be reducing, Lord Ganesha warns you. You might change your job, profession or house as success in this is likely. You have technical, fundamental and commercial knowledge of every script and therefore, you are making more profits than others. For more success, follow the remedies.

Shree Gurustrotam can be chanted, shower the Guru Yantra, recite Guru Lilimrut.

Pakshal Shree Adinath, recite the mantra “Om Hreem Namo Apariyanaam”.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmesh Joshi,

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