Understanding the Current Economic Crisis through Astro-Numerology

Have you ever wondered why economic slow down happens? Well, economist give complex theories to give an answer, but has GOD given us simpler methods to understand? It seems complicated but it’s not.

The periods of Economic Slowdowns

  1. Year 1929, the great depression started and continued in many countries in 1930’s
  2. The year 1991-92 too witnessed economic slowdown
  3. Year 2002(immediately after 9-11, the possible effects on the year 2002 was felt)
  4. The year ending 2008 ( the effects of the year to come can be felt now in the year ending 2008 ).

A) Case 1 = Year 1929:
1929 = is written as Nineteen- twenty nine, where nineteen is common to the century. So 29 is the key- representing major depression.

We see 29 = 11 = 1+1 = 2

So, we have MOON-MARS (29) giving us MOON (number 2) again.

Now, MONEY = 4+6+5+5+7 = 27= 9. The total of MONEY is number 9.

Now we know MOON could be malefic (bad), if it is waning ( 2-), here in 29 – we could see that MOON is afflicting MARS(MONEY) to cause the great depression.

Also notice the depression continued in 30’s that is the 4th decade of the 19th century. Now, 4 = the number of Rahu signifies restrictions.

You can see a correlation to why the depression continued decade long.

B)Case 2 = Year 2008 and 2009:

2009 – resembles 29(just remove the zeros). So, intuitively you can expect similar effects like 1929, but with a LESSER INTENSITY.

Also, the effects of the year to come can be felt now in the year ending 2008 (September/October onwards.). That is what we are witnessing.

But notice – next to next year is 2010= two thousand and ten. Now ten =10 =1 =SUN- some protection( also 2010= 21=3 = JUPITER= PROTECTOR).

Also there is one more protection, 2010, is a part of the 1st decade = SUN.

So we can expect to come out of depression this time by the year ending 2009 or by 2010 hopefully. If the depression enters the year 2011, then it may take a long time to come out. But, it will not go that way due to Jupiter, feels Ganesha.

C)Case 3 = Year 2002:

Here, again we have 20-02( 02= 2= so is a MOON), which we see is a cause of depression at times. This depression also had an impact on the year ending 2001.

Also notice- 2002 was in the 1st decade (SUN) and the next year 2003(Though JUPITER- puts a break to the same and improves things by 2004).

Also, note that the greatest protection is due to decade being 1st = SUN.

D)Case 4 = Year 1991-92:

The year 1991 may be an isolated case, but in the year 19-92= Nineteen, Ninety-Two, we have 92. If we just reverse the digit 92 it comes to 29- and yes- we had an ECONOMIC DEPRESSION during that period!

The decade was 10th=1=SUN, so protection came out quickly.


The beauty of Numerology and astrology is that without applying very complex economic theories- we can still understand how the universe or the stock market etc works and use it to our advantage. Remember- FOREWARNED IS FORE-ARMED

So, why not to use this ancient and power science to our advantage?

An honest study of the cases given here would give you a clear glimpse of how the power of Astro-Numerology works and also how it could work for your benefit by making the best choices regarding money, relationships and profession.

Wishing you all the best!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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