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Two Major Space Breakthroughs In One Week

Journeys to space are becoming more and more common nowadays, with private aerospace organisations like SpaceX and Blue Origin. On Oct 13, 2021, William Shatner, the Canadian actor, will become the oldest man to go to space and come back at the age of 90. You may remember him for his Star Trek character, Captain Kirk.

In the same week, on Oct 16, 2021, NASA will send the spacecraft ‘Lucy’ to probe the debris surrounding Jupiter, on a 12-year-long journey! NASA is hopeful about the spacecraft’s discoveries about our universe, which haven’t been known to us yet!

Astrologically, the Moon’s approach in William Santer’s horoscope towards Saturn might have created the one-day delay in the lift-off. Initially, Blue Origin’s plan was to make the journey on Oct 12. The journey was made possible by the further approach of the Moon towards the Sun in his birth chart. Overall, he needs to be careful about the mission, especially if there are any underlying health problems.

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Similarly, ‘Lucy’ from NASA may get some roadblocks, especially on Oct 16,17, and 18. According to astrology, the spacecraft may get on the track from Nov 21 and will perform the best after April 14, 2022.

To both Captain Kirk and Lucy, we wish the best in their journey!

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