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The SUN shines more brightly – Sun TV launches two more FM stations at Nasik & Vadodara

The SUN shines more brightly – Sun TV launches two more FM stations at Nasik & Vadodara

Sun TV Network, India’s second largest television network, has power packed twenty TV channels, twenty eight FM radio stations, two daily newspapers and four magazines in several Indian languages.

Sun TV was incorporated as Sumangali Publications Private Limited on December 18, 1985. The word `private’ in the name of the Company was deleted with effect from July 1, 1996 pursuant to Section 43A (1A) of the Companies Act, 1956. The name of the Company was changed to Sun TV Limited by a special resolution of the members passed at an extraordinary general meeting held on March 23, 2000. The fresh certificate of incorporation consequent to the change of name was granted to the Company on March 27, 2000, by the Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu.

Holding a bouquet of Twenty nine top-rated radio stations in its clutch, Sun TV Network has announced the launch of its FM Radio Stations at Nasik and Vadodara under the brand “S FM” from April 17, 2008 through its Subsidiary South Asia FM Ltd. These Stations can be heard at 93.5 MHz frequency in Nasik and Vadodara and will cater to the audience of all age groups. With the launch of these FM Stations, the total operational FM Stations of Sun TV goes up to 32 as it already operates at different states of India.

Astrological analysis:
Ganesha analyzes the Sagittarius rising Ascendant with deposition of Sun in Mula constellation. Jupiter is in second house where as moon is in third house. Rahu and Mars are in opposition in Aries and Libra respectively. There is a conjunction of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury in twelfth house.

Ganesha had predicted that the transit of Jupiter played a major role in the launch of the new FM station by Sun TV. The execution of expansion plans are also envisaged, which shows the company progress. The company also plans and implements its expansion programmes with success. Another progressive stage shall be after January 2009, when Jupiter will be transiting through natal Jupiter. Company may deal with some overseas companies, says Ganesha.

Saturn receives only 2 bindus in Leo in Sarvashtaka Varga where it gets 6 bindus in Virgo in Sarvashtaka Varga. Saturn is the lord of second and third house in company’s natal chart and both the houses are very important for this kind of business. So, company shall have bright success in 2009 also as per planetary forces, says Ganesha. But Ganesha feels that during the retrogression Of Jupiter, Saturn will be ready to bring disputes and legal problems to the company.

The transit of Jupiter has played a major role in the execution of expansion plans of SUN TV. The company may also involve itself in overseas companies. The year 2009 may usher in success, long with legal problems. for the company.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,