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TCS is a strong scrip to keep in your portfolio, says Ganesha

TCS is a strong scrip to keep in your portfolio, says Ganesha

Tata Consultancy Services Limited or TCS is the largest provider of information technology in Asia and the second largest provider of business process outsourcing services in India. TCS is a subsidiary of textiles and manufacturing conglomerate Tata Group, and accounts for India’s 20 percent IT exports. A globally renowned company, TCS deals in IT services, business solutions and outsourcing. With its head-quarters in Mumbai, the company has offices in over 47 countries with more than 142 branches across the globe.

Will the company continue to reap rich benefits or will it go through glitches in the coming year? Ganesha, with the help of Vedic astrology, predicts about the future of the company.

Listing Date – 25th August, 2004
Listing Time – 09.55
Listing Place ? Bombay

Paid up Value – 1
Face Value – 1
Market Lot – 1
ISIN Code: INE467B01029

IT related services, solutions, outsourcing, accelerators, innovation, offshore network delivery provider, offshore engineering outsourcing.

Share Holding Pattern


Astro Analysis
According to its horoscope TCS has Virgo ascendant, and the Lord of the ascendant is Mercury, posited in the House of foreign associations of the zodiac Leo. Mercury is placed in combination with Jupiter (the Lord of partner), Sun (FII Holding) and Mars. In TCS’ horoscope, Mercury is combusted, and retrograde Sun is in its own zodiac Leo. Stellium in the horoscope of the company is in the 12th House. The 12th House governs expenditure, FII orders, and employee problems or complaints.

Jupiter, the Lord of partner posited in the 12th House is favourable. According to astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the planet for expansion, and thus, all big and high budgeted plans may progress at a fast pace. Jupiter helps in accumulation of wealth as well. The collection of debts may go as per the plans. In a nutshell, although Jupiter gives rise to heavy expenses, in turn, it yields profitable results.

The Sun in the 12th House proves to be favourable for the head of the company and FII money flow. The company may get recognition for its reputed work. The work culture indicates improvements, and the liabilities of the company could be easily discharged.

Mercury in the 12th House may have good as well as bad effects on the company. The intellectual pursuits are likely to be successful and yield good dividends. Scientific developments may receive greater attention. The company may execute its expansion programmes with great vigour and eventually meet success. The uplifting schemes are likely to be beneficial for the employees. The policies of the company may benefit all and draw ample satisfaction and co-operation from the employees. However, in TCS’ horoscope, Mercury is combusted and retrograde. Thus, an afflicted Mercury may yield unfavourable results. The activities and performances may not yield fruitful results. The ventures may experience more downs than ups despite heavy investments.

Mars in the 12th House pronounce negative and unpalatable results. Mars is severely afflicted, and the effects are atrocious and wicked. The placement of Mars in this House compels the management to take stern steps to quell and subdue the agitation of the employees. However, the combination of Mars with Jupiter and Sun will enable the organization to check and counter the disruptive activities rather forcefully.

What Next ?
Currently, Saturn is passing through the Sun sign Libra (16-11-2011 to 15-05-2011 and 05-08-2012 to 02-11-2014) in the 2nd House. The 2nd House signifies financial fortunes of the company. It also signifies commercial affairs, trade and stock shares of the company. It denotes the relations of the firm with the banks and other financial institutions. This House provides an assessment of the the financial soundness of the company, ability to bear expenditure and capacity to generate profits. Finance is the backbone of any enterprise, so it can be viewed in the company’s map that the 2nd House is very crucial for its survival. In 2013, Saturn and Rahu, both negative planets combine in the Sun sign Libra. Thus, this may prove harsh and tough for the company’s House of finance.

TCS Graph

The very active, highly volatile fluctuation dates:
June ? 2012 and 07th October, 2012 to 1st November, 2012
Overall, TCS is a strong scrip to keep in your portfolio. Go ahead with it, says Ganesha.

Astrological Suggestion for TCS Management
In the horoscope of TCS, Sun is posited in its own zodiac Leo. Thus, a government order or service will prove beneficial for the company.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,