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Astrological Analysis of the Correction in Stock Market

Ganesha has written in previous article on astrological analysis of stock market that market shall have to accept some corrections in forthcoming days. The Fed has lowered interest rates by 0.75% in the hope of staving off a stock market panic. Asian and European markets continued their downward slide as well. Ganesha would like to throw light on the astrological aspects of this stock market downfall.

Stock Market Technical and Astrological analysis:
First major downfall occurred in Taurus Ascendant and Moon in second house with Retro Mars. We have Mercury conjunct Sun in Capricorn. Neptune can corrode confidence, or it can attract us into a dreamland of imagination and creativity. Either way, the sands are shifting under our feet for the next few days as we navigate the pending move of Pluto. We can see on the above graph that Sensex had taken “U” turn from 21,206 (all time high).

The another circuit occurred during Aquarius Ascendant with deposition of Rahu in first house. Jupiter and Venus are considered as planets of BEAR. They were in conjunct in bearish sign. The Pluto seeks empowerment and destroys anything in its path that doesn’t help in our eventual evolution. The early shock of Pluto is always the most dramatic that we learn to adjust to its strength and make the changes it requires. Saturn’s travel through Leo with Ketu, since the fall has given us a hint of what is to come, demands a more traditional way of life that conserves energy and capital, and finance. But Saturn/Leo teaches that there must be a limit, and will impose those limits on us if we don’t.

Governments want us to keep spending money, for the reason that this is how the economy grows. But nothing can keep growing and growing forever. We are in a time of contraction. Markets are cyclical by nature. Under Saturn/Leo, it is better to save and to avoid overspending. This is how we will successfully navigate these first few years of the Saturn’s trip through Leo.

What next:
Ganesha sees heavy volatility in next two weeks. Market may stay stable after second quarter of February and then it may take new high with one major and one minor correction. Therefore, Ganesha advises you not to get frightened, stay cool. Investors may not have to suffer, however, Intraday and F&O traders may have to be extra-careful till second quarter of February.

Ganesha wishes the traders and investors all the best.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,