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Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of The Wall Street Journal

Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of The Wall Street Journal

He has Moon in the Sagittarius and in own Navmansa, which represents the urge to expand horizons, to break up the routines creating own path. Such feeling gets boosted by the auspicious aspect of Jupiter.

Sun placed in the Aquarius gives him the ability to attract, fascinate and transform other people’s lives and renders him with a vast network.

In his Chart, Saturn is the Atmakaraka planet and forms Rajayoga by being in Ascendant. Saturn is the planet of organization, and is good at creating a structure or framework for anything. He is all about business and constant work. Lord of 10th house (house of profession)-Mercury is placed in the 3rd house (house of communication) which clearly suggests media and newspaper business.

Another noticeable feature in his chart is asteroid Pallas-Neptune combination in the 9th house that bestows unusual insights, often of a political nature, but mainly in tune to publishing opportunities.

He is currently under the influence of Jupiter-Venus period and both the planets are forming RajaYoga in his chart denoting him more authority and power. 11th house is a house of fulfillment of desire and acquisition of wealth and in his case Venus is the Lord of 11th house and becomes powerful by being in its own house in Navmansa undoubtedly indicating more wealth.

Big Money refers to a partnership with the Bancroft family. It is not surprising that he purchased Dow Jones, owner of the Wall Street Journal. He will continue to rule the media world for next two years and his roaring success may also bother many players in this field. He may face tremendous health problems in the last qurater of the year 2009 and should be extra careful to avoid any mishaps.

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